Throw Back Friday Is Back! The Sundance Show down.

40 years ago today. The Sun dance Showdown! Frazier-Foreman. It was the fight of the year in 1973. Notice early in round 1 how George would spin Frazier of off him. When Joe would get inside, George pushed him back a few times to maintain his distance. Frazier would throw a right hand and work his way inside and George would put his left glove on Frazier’s shoulder and spin him off of him.

Brilliant tactic to nullify Frazier’s bob & weave and infighting aggression. Who was in George’s camp & corner that night? “The Ole Mongoose” Archie Moore. Archie was a genius and knew how to take away a fighter’s strengths as he did it himself as a fighter. George was so damn strong and powerful, picking Frazier off the canvas when he caught and dug into him. Watching this fight it’s hard to believe that Frazier was a 3-1 favorite!

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