Jan 19 2013

The Best Lightweight Ever.

The “Ghetto Wizard” Benny Leonard! Arguably the best lightweight ever! Well, between Benny & Duran. Leonard is the best Jewish fighter ever as well. Leonard has been called the Muhammad Ali of the Lightweights as he fought the eras best! This was at a time where it was said that the best Lightweights of that era all appeared at one time in the division. Ray Arcel said Benny was the smartest fighter he ever trained, keep in mind that Ray Arcel also trained Roberto Duran! Benny owned the ring, He would talk to his opponents when he was rarely hurt setting traps and out slicking them, he had excellent punching power, smooth footwork and upper body movement.

Benny retired undefeated as Lightweight Champion. But came back after his lost his $ in the stock market crash of the great depression and lost as he was a shell of himself. Benny at his best was brilliant, and get this, he LOVED to train! He took pride in honing/polishing his dominant skills. Watch Benny at his best.

Jan 17 2013

Happy Birthday To The Greatest!

Happy Birthday to Muhammad Ali today! The greatest is celebrating his 71st birthday. Here’s a few highlight clips of Ali at his best against the best of the golden heavyweight era!

Jan 14 2013

Boxing Training Q/A: Strength Training For Teenagers.

Hey Rob,
I’m looking for a simple full body weight training workout for some kids I help train at the boxing gym. They are in the 16-19 y/o range in high school and began boxing as part of a police dept program(helping keep city kids off of the streets and in the gym). Many are on the thin side and want to build overall muscle and strength and continue with their boxing workouts(which already include lots of conditioning and core work). I am pushing them away from isolation exercises towards more basic complex movements to hopefully build overall functional strength in addition to putting on some muscle(while not bodybuilding). I watched lots of your vides and have your book that I refer back to frequently. What would you recommend?
After putting them through a warm up I was thinking of movements such as these 3-4 sets of each in the 4-8 rep range:

Dumbell or barbell clean and press
Bench Press or Dumbbell bench press
Squats or jump squats with barbell
Lunges with dumbells
Dumbell 2 point rows or Barbell bent over rows
Chinups/Pullups (reps a little higher 10-15)

The kids normally workout at the gym 4 days per week for about 2 hours per day.

Thanks for any suggestions you have. Bob

Bob, since these kids are 16-19 with low training ages use simple compound lifts to build strength/size while strengthening their connective tissue and while mastering good lifting technique/motor learning.

4 reps is too much intensity for such a low training age. They will make great gains in strength using reps of 6-8 reps for awhile since they are young and have little training experience. Again, this won’t be too much cns intensiveness and they can master good form while getting stronger, add functional hypertrophy and strengthen their connective tissue.

Don’t add jump squats or cleans until a strength base has been built and the connective tissue strengthened with this accumulation phase below.

After about 12-16 weeks, I would cycle in 5rm loads on a main lift. So you can have a upper and lower max effort day and mix in reps of 6-8 with 3-4 other exercises for the accessory lifts. I would also use no more than 3 sets since they are at a low training age, they will experience rapid neural gains so the volume can be low. 2-3 reps is fine. Better to do too less than too much at this stage.

Use basic lifts like Front squats, back box squats, static lunges, dynamic lunges, Romanian dead lifts, deadlifts, box step ups, inverted rows, barbell rows, 1 arm rows, chin ups, pull ups, push ups with a weight vest, get a set of gymnast rings or blast straps and use them for horizontal pulls, and push ups, neutral grip presses, push up bar push ups, dips,

Sample template. ( Tempo will be moderate controlled eccentric motion, no followed by moderate controlled concentric phase ) This will control form and allow proper motor learning of the exercises.

1. Front Squat: 8-10 reps, rest 30 sec go to #2
2. Chin up: 8-10, rest 30 sec go to #1 for 2-3 sets.
3. Static lunge: 8-10, rest 30 sec go to #4
4. Band pull aparts: 12-15 reps, rest 30 sec got to #3 for 2-3 sets.
5. Core Plank series

Day #2 Same super setting as workout #1

1. Push Up/weight vest on push up bars & neutral grip 8-10 reps
2. Pull Up 8-10 reps, 2-3 sets
3. Box Step Up 8-10 reps 2-3 sets
4. Inverted Row 8-10 2-3 sets
5. Core Anti Rotation

After 12-16 weeks or less you can introduce 5rm loads and cycle max effort lifts every for weeks.

You will have to adjust the exercise variables of reps, sets, rest periods to fit their training readiness that day. Their readiness will help you gauge the training volume and you can decrease if need be so as not to conflict with their skill training.

I hope these guidelines and sample program help you Bob. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Jan 10 2013

One Of Puerto Rico’s Best Fighters Ever.

Felix Trinidad beat 3 Olympic Gold Medalists… Whitaker 84, De la Hoya 92, Reid 98. Felix set the record for second most welterweight title defenses (15) and has the record for the longest reign as Welterweight Champion six years, eight months and fourteen days. He was a 3 division champion. Welterweight, Junior Middleweight, and Middleweight. I loved watching him in the 90’s during his prime. One of Puerto Rico’s best, if not the best. His left hook was explosive & devastating! Enjoy this clip.