Weekend Wrap Up: The Best At Junior Welterweight.

Lucas Matthysse impressively handled his business last Saturday night with a brutal 1st round KO of Mike Dallas. Lucas is a beast and is no doubt the man at junior welterweight! He should be undefeated after two controversial losses to Zab Judah and Devon Alaxander. For those of you that haven’t saw much of Lucas prior to this fight. Watch this highlight clip of him and why he is the man at 140lbs! I feel Lucas would crush Danny Garcia. Do you disagree? Let me know why.

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One Response to “Weekend Wrap Up: The Best At Junior Welterweight.”

  • dwayne Says:

    Def the most vicouis fighter at 40 0ne punch ko power in both hands clearly beat devon gave zab a run for his money in there fight my thing wit lucas is can he beat an athletic elite boxer …mike dallas is a good fighter but dosnt belong n tha ring wit maytese …lundy would have eventually got ko but would have gave him problems with his suavy … when bronner makes it up to 40 I beleve tht will be his road block but for now he is def king of 140

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