Jan 30 2013

Classic World Class Sparring Session.

Great display of high level old school skill, along with balance, leverage, and rhythm! Some Ezzard Charles and Archie Moore moves in this clip. You leant a lot in this clip about distance, timing, and movement. Pick this apart and enjoy.

Jan 28 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: The Best At Junior Welterweight.

Lucas Matthysse impressively handled his business last Saturday night with a brutal 1st round KO of Mike Dallas. Lucas is a beast and is no doubt the man at junior welterweight! He should be undefeated after two controversial losses to Zab Judah and Devon Alaxander. For those of you that haven’t saw much of Lucas prior to this fight. Watch this highlight clip of him and why he is the man at 140lbs! I feel Lucas would crush Danny Garcia. Do you disagree? Let me know why.

Jan 25 2013

Throw Back Friday Is Back! The Sundance Show down.

40 years ago today. The Sun dance Showdown! Frazier-Foreman. It was the fight of the year in 1973. Notice early in round 1 how George would spin Frazier of off him. When Joe would get inside, George pushed him back a few times to maintain his distance. Frazier would throw a right hand and work his way inside and George would put his left glove on Frazier’s shoulder and spin him off of him.

Brilliant tactic to nullify Frazier’s bob & weave and infighting aggression. Who was in George’s camp & corner that night? “The Ole Mongoose” Archie Moore. Archie was a genius and knew how to take away a fighter’s strengths as he did it himself as a fighter. George was so damn strong and powerful, picking Frazier off the canvas when he caught and dug into him. Watching this fight it’s hard to believe that Frazier was a 3-1 favorite!

Jan 22 2013

Best LightWeights Ever.

Here’s a clip of the 5 best lightweights ever. I completely agree with this list and if you feel someon eis missing or doesn’t belong. Please reply and voice your opinion. Enjoy!