Dec 10 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: The Shot Heard Around The World!

The unimaginable happened last Saturday night when one Manual Marquez timed Manny Pacquiao and icing him with his right hand that Manny lunged into. Just like that is was over. It was a fight Manny was winning. It was a fight where Pacquiao made adjustments moving his head more and sliding out the side of Marquez. Marquuez looked stiff and slow early in the fight. It looked like he was waiting for that shot he knocked Pacquaio out with. What a beautiful punch. One that will live in history forever.

Forget the accusations of Juan being loaded on Ped’s. A scientific diet and strength plan will make you look like that. When a fighter is relatively knew to strength training meaning they have a low training age their gains will be quicker as in Juan’s case. He has fought at that weight for several years now and carried it better. These were all factors and Ped’s being a sorry ass excuse for well planned out training on team Marquez’s part.

It’s been known now that Pacquaio didn’t do and strength/power training for several fights now. That played a roll. But he still looked better than ever until he got caught by the professor.

Check the full fight out here.

Dec 7 2012

The Fabulous Four.

Here’s a great documentary about the fights between the fabulous four, Duran, Hagler, Hearns, and Leonard. What a golden age in boxing. Who was your favorite out of the four? Enjoy!

Dec 6 2012

In The Gym Training Notes: Body Weight Lactic Acid Tolerance Training.

It’s smart and effective to cycle your conditioning workouts. I like using body weight exercises in conditioning clusters to really help my fighters battle the lactic acid build up that carries over well to the ring in helping a fighter cope and battle through fatigue.

We did a cluster of burpees, jump squats, Ali Shuffles, mountain climbers, & jumping jacks for a 3 min round. Work up to 5 min rounds & add extra exercises like lunge jumps, explosive push ups etc.

Click here For cutting edge boxing conditoning workouts exercise drills.

Dec 3 2012

Hector ” Macho ” Camacho Tribute.