Weekend Wrap Up: No Ring Identity.

Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero was the more complete fighter heading into his fight with Andre Berto and it showed once the bell rang. Robert took charge from the opening bell and exposed Berto along with his half ass shoulder roll. Once Berto was tagged he forsake that joke shoulder roll and went back to his hands high defense. Robert dropped him in the 1st and 2nd rounds and damn near had both Bert’s eyes swollen shut.

Robert bullied Andre in the inside. Andre doesn’t know how to fight on the inside. He doesn’t have a set style. He has been fed bums and never developed any real ring skills. The Ghost however has and he has earned another big fight at welterweight whether that be with Mayweather or Bradley.

At 29, Andre needs to be retooled and that will be hard to do. A rematch will be a good fight but Andre will be Andre and his est just doesn’t match up to the granite chinned Ghost. Robert can also box on the inside. He’s earned it cause he’s worked on it. He’s developed and rose from winning a featherweight title to winning a intern welterweight one. THAT is a real fighter. He’s earned the right for a big $$ fight.

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