Louie Simmons Breaks Down Special Strength Training For Fighters.

Assessing what a fighter lacks in special strengths or in many cases just pure strength, determines where you would train them along the force/velocity curve which would then determine the proper training means to develop what is weak or lacking.

I also wasn’t clear enough at the beginning of the video, the questions was why can’t power just be increased by the fighter using the mass of their body faster?, by just improving technique ALONE, and focusing on speed behind that technique. Hence Louie’s answer to that. Also, as mentioned in my post above, the fighter’s weakness determines the program, workouts need not be large in volume or duration. The best work done in the strength room is done with few big bang exercises which accomplish more in less time. So it doesn’t interfere with the fighter’s SPP training. This is where the art of real world coaching comes in, tailoring the volume/intensity to the fighter’s needs/schedule. Some fighter’s as we mentioned above in Mike Tyson may not need much special strength development at all, that. Strength coaches need to work from the law of individuality when training fighters.

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