Nov 26 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: No Ring Identity.

Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero was the more complete fighter heading into his fight with Andre Berto and it showed once the bell rang. Robert took charge from the opening bell and exposed Berto along with his half ass shoulder roll. Once Berto was tagged he forsake that joke shoulder roll and went back to his hands high defense. Robert dropped him in the 1st and 2nd rounds and damn near had both Bert’s eyes swollen shut.

Robert bullied Andre in the inside. Andre doesn’t know how to fight on the inside. He doesn’t have a set style. He has been fed bums and never developed any real ring skills. The Ghost however has and he has earned another big fight at welterweight whether that be with Mayweather or Bradley.

At 29, Andre needs to be retooled and that will be hard to do. A rematch will be a good fight but Andre will be Andre and his est just doesn’t match up to the granite chinned Ghost. Robert can also box on the inside. He’s earned it cause he’s worked on it. He’s developed and rose from winning a featherweight title to winning a intern welterweight one. THAT is a real fighter. He’s earned the right for a big $$ fight.

Nov 23 2012

Boxing Conditioning Contrast Exercise.

Nov 19 2012

Coach Rob’s Rant: Know Thyself.

Forgive me ya’ll. I just had a great workout and a strong cup of coffee and I’m about to vent deep now….
It’s often said that people’s biggest fear in life is public speaking. I say the #1 fear for people is getting to know and being alone for any amount of time with themselves and that alone transcends to the fear of public speaking. They aren’t afraid of speaking, they are afraid of themselves
, because they don’t yet know themselves and what they can do to do the damn thing. I think it’s safe to say some of peoples biggest mistakes in life came from them being afraid of being alone & bored using that precious alone time to get connected with their powerful higher self. That comes from thinking from the ego. Fear comes from ignorance, fear is created solely in the mind, from the ego and is artificial and is a killer of becoming something more than you are now in decisions, performance, etc…

It evaporates from truth, knowledge of yourself ( higher inner self) and that gives power and ammo over any situation, circumstances, or person and silences our self destructive ego. Living from your ego is like playing Russian roulette, meaning it’s just a matter of time. Not knowing yourself is ignorance, and laziness, having another person dictate your life out of your inner fear is madness. Many distract themselves with things and people they don’t truly need to occupy their mind and self to fill time from their inner voice. This is the information age, their is no excuse for being controlled, bumbling along out of such laziness and fear. Many divorces, abrupt career changes, depression, and a miserable life outlook from not taking advantage of possible life altering opportunities reflect this. As it’s been taught for centuries, know thyself. There’s NO excuse anymore.

Nov 16 2012

Louie Simmons Breaks Down Special Strength Training For Fighters.

Assessing what a fighter lacks in special strengths or in many cases just pure strength, determines where you would train them along the force/velocity curve which would then determine the proper training means to develop what is weak or lacking.

I also wasn’t clear enough at the beginning of the video, the questions was why can’t power just be increased by the fighter using the mass of their body faster?, by just improving technique ALONE, and focusing on speed behind that technique. Hence Louie’s answer to that. Also, as mentioned in my post above, the fighter’s weakness determines the program, workouts need not be large in volume or duration. The best work done in the strength room is done with few big bang exercises which accomplish more in less time. So it doesn’t interfere with the fighter’s SPP training. This is where the art of real world coaching comes in, tailoring the volume/intensity to the fighter’s needs/schedule. Some fighter’s as we mentioned above in Mike Tyson may not need much special strength development at all, that. Strength coaches need to work from the law of individuality when training fighters.