Oct 29 2012

Boxing Workout Technique Tip.

Click here For old school boxing training workouts tips.

Oct 27 2012

Rob’s Rant: Wake Up!

Here’s a rant I unleashed on facebook this morning. I hope you get the message. You can leave your thoughts and comments below if you would like to express some of your own thoughts on this.

The masses, the herd, there really is no difference between humans & animals. Both are fed, fattened, and caged ( humans being sedentary, with their cage their living rooms) The human masses are fed and drugged like farm animals. Just as cows & pigs are fattened up by corn and feed their bodies are not meant to eat and so their stomachs react to this by becoming bloated, sick, & fat.

They are then injected with anti inflammatory drugs to counter react this. Such is the case with humans who devour enormous amounts of processed, refined, & denatured food that leaves them bloated,sick, fat, robbed of health, vitality, and dependent on pharmaceutical chemical drugs to scratch the itch and health disorders that the shit food they are stuffing themselves with cause. At least farm animals aren’t fed sugar juices, soda which should really be called ( fat ass in a can ), monster drinks, and to think many people who drink these hate drinking water, well they must hate their once youthful looks, & vitality, cause there they go. The masses don’t know they are very similar to cows do they? Being led along the line, grazing on chemical, preservative, additive laden foods, loaded sugar, shit carbohydrate, chemical laced drinks, being led to an early slaughter, that being the grave. Well for those that eat & live like this, they are, and they are treated as such by the food & drug super monopolies. As mindless animals. Wake the fuck up and realize what’s really going on. Don’t live like a farm animal that’s raised, and fattened up for slaughter. Think I’m full of shit and whacked out? I would expect that. Now sit back, flip the channel, eat & drink your poison of choice and let the world and your life pass you by.

Oct 26 2012

R.I.P To a Legend: Emanuel Steward.

Emanuel Steward passed away yesterday after battling an illness for some time. Anybody that knows boxing knows what this great man has done to make it better in every way. The champions he trained, managed, mentored, influenced & made better people in society was amazing. Watch this interview below to hear Emanuel speak on boxing in his own words and words that will forever keep him immortal.

Oct 24 2012

Boxing Posterior Chain Strength Training & Corrective Exercise.