Sep 16 2012

Columbus Fight Night Classic IV

I held out first boxing show at my gym Oct. 15th 2011 and my goal was 10 shows in 12 months. Well on Sept 29th 2012 I will hit that goal. They shows have been a lot of work in organizing them and making the matches for them. It has been far worth it though as many local fighters have been able to fight in front of their family and friends. They have been very active too which is vital to their ring growth and success. This is all priceless and well worth the work in making these shows possible. I’m not gonna stop and we will keep going strong in 2013! Thanks to many for the support with our shows!

Sep 13 2012

Boxing Gym News: New Youth Program.

I started a boxing program within the After School All Stars program in conjunction with a groups of inner city schools. Got a big group of kids at a Bexley location on Tuesday& Thursday afternoons. I donated some boxing equipment and got innovative with an old push/pull sled I had made when I first opened in 08. It’s now our heavy bag workout station. Our old punch shield will be put to use once again. I also have a set of mitts and a double end bag I can use. You don’t need all that much, just the essentials. These kids are gonna dig this boxing! & they will have plenty of opportunities to compete.

Sep 11 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Simply The Best.

Last Saturday night Andre Ward amazed us even more with his one sided beat down of Chad Dawson.This fight had a lot of intrigue leading up to the first bell. Many thought Chad Dawson would be Andre ward’s toughest test to date and could even beat him. That’s why they fight the fights and once Andre settled into the fight, it was over.

Ward delivered Dawson a beating dropping him several times with well timed and placed left hooks. Andre took away Chad’s best weapon his jab and just unmercifully dissected him and beat him down. Andre dominated on the outside and inside and took Chad’s heart & soul in the ring that night.

Now dropping to 168 did take some of Dawson’s legs and energy but the same would have happened at 175lbs or a catch weight. This came down to fight plan and execution. Team Ward did it well.

Andre is going to be a hard puzzle to solve. he’s extremely crafty and smart. He just knows how to win and follow his fight plan that is laid out by genius Barry hunter. His timing, rhythm, ring generalship, improved power, movement, and footwork are all at a higher level than any other super middleweight. You younger fighters need to study his ring generalship and IQ. He seems to always know what’s coming next and if he gets caught with a shot, he dpesn’t make the same mistake twice. That’s a special fighter.

The only other super middleweight with the speed, reflexes, and boxing IQ to compete with Ward is Andre Dirrell. That’s a good fight again on paper, but we just witnessed the difference between paper and reality in the ring. Dawson can rebound and be back at 175. He has all the skill but the question is his heart and desire. We will soon see.

Sep 5 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: MiddleHot Division.

The middleweight division is once again heating up. It’s been along while since there has been 3 big fights in this once glamor division. Daniel Geale unifies the IBF & WBC belts beating Felix Sturm in Germany. Yes it was a close fight but give Geale props for pressing the fight and winning down the stretch. He was the stronger fighter and landed the cleaner punches. It was good to see the politics not supporting Sturm in another close fight of his. Kind of surprised he lost a close one when he usually gets the nod. Geale is hungry and wants big fights… Is Gennady Golovkin next? Sturm wouldn’t fight Gennady, Geale will.

Breakout Performance

It was almost as if Gennady Golovkin was a urban legend coming into his fight with Grzegorz Proksa. Only hardcore fans have heard of this devastating and equally skilled fighter. Well he didn’t disappoint, he literally crushed Proska as this fight was no contest. Props for Proska for taking the fight and displaying guts and toughness in the fight. He came to fight but just was out gunned. Gennady is a machine. He goes to the body VERY well. His pressure behind that solid jab of his is very impressive. His jab is harder than most contenders right hands. He needs another fight against a solid contender before proclaiming him the savior of the division but he’s certainly looking the part with his 5th round face first KO of Proska.

Power sells, power fills seats. Gennady brings power not seen since the days of Gerald McClellan & Julian Jackson. This is great for a division that was been stagnant of a true staying power star.

Now we have Martinez-Chavez in a few weeks. The middleweight division is hot once again!