Sep 28 2012

Boxing Training Workout Tip-Boxing In a Circle.

Sep 24 2012

RIP Champ

Sad news in the boxing world, former WBO heavyweight champion, Corrie Sanders was shot and killed at the age of 47 in South Africa. He will always be remembered for his brutal & thrilling KO of Wladimir Klitschko in March 2003. RIP Champion.

Sep 22 2012

Boxing Training Tip: Boxing Conditioning Exercise W/Chain.

The key to training is to stay stimulated, while challenged, and always progressing forward. Try using chains in your conditioning workout for a big bang cover over to your GPP levels and fighting performance.

Sep 18 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Many Lessons Were Taught.

Last weekend was on of the best weekends for boxing we had in quite a while! There were great fights on showtime & HBO. There were also some great performances and some great things to be taken from these fights.

Marcos Maidana vs “Jesus Soto Karass

This was a great give and take fight as the bigger Karass tried to press the fight and impose his will on Maidana who displayed a huge improvement in technique and style. Marcos used his jab more to set up his power shots, he used more upper body movement, and timing to out last and TKO Karass. This was a great fight, heated after the bell as well. marcos displayed what sound boxing fundamentals can do for a once crude brawler. His jab really set up his power nice and he didn’t get hit as much as he has before with his hands up, head movement, and upper body movement. Boxing basics NEVER let you down, master them!

Canelo was simply too big for Lopez who displayed TONS of heart and grit until the end. Lopez’s stock rose in this loss due to that. He came to fight but was just out gunned by the eye opening arsenal of Canelo. He was ripping the El Gancho ( Liver punch ) to Lopez’s body and that just zapped him and broke him down. Canelo’s combos were crisp and fast as well. He really finished his head combos well by going to the body. He’s maturing and it shows. He like Maidana brushed up on the little things, foot work, movement, hands up, and punching technique. If Canelo keeps improving like this he’s gonna be one sensational fighter.

Sergio-Martinez vs Juilio Cesar Chavez Sr.

I thought Juilo would fight better than he did. he disappointed many with his lackluster performance. he started too late and gave Sergio too much respect. Sergio of course was too fast and slick for Julio to fuck with but Julio didn’t rip to the body in many spots like he should have. He put it together in the 11th round and then stepped on it in the 12th to drop and almost KO Martinez. That 12th round saved his image, he didn’t cut off the ring and let Sergio dictate the tempo. What if he would have started earlier? Maybe we will find out in the rematch.

Sergio fought a perfect fight, lots of movement and keeping the lead with his jab and combos. He did what he was supposed to do well. that’s ring generalship and that’s how a fighter wins! His experience proved invaluable in this regard.