Aug 20 2012

Boxing Training Tip: Using Kick Paddles For Mitt Work.

Holding the punch mitts can beat up your shoulders and joints over time. The kick paddles are a great tool to use to save wear and tear on your joints while also still effectively working offense and defense with your fighter.

Watch and please comment with any questions or thoughts on this clip.

Aug 15 2012

Boxing Training Q/A: Best Footwork Drills?

Coach Rob, what are the best basic footwork drills to get a boxer into proper mobility to move? Thank you, Kennedy.

Kennedy, Use the box drill to teach basic footwork. Boxing starts from the ground up and punching stance and footwork must NOT be overlooked. It must be perfected so offense and defense can flow from proper stance. This drill will teach the fighter how to move without breaking punching stance. It will also teach them balance and rhythm. In my opinion, this is the first thing a fighter should start with when they are new. Fighters of all levels can come back to this drill to sharpen their footwork.

Here is a video clip on the box drill to help you.

Aug 13 2012

Boxing Training Tip:Jab Distance & Position.

Aug 10 2012

Throw Back Friday: Riddick Bowe.

Riddick Bowe was one of the best heavyweights of the 90’s. He certainly had it all, size, skill, power, chin, toughness. Discipline is what kept him from becoming great with longevity. He ducked Lennox lewis as that fight should have been made. Makes you think how he would do with the Klitschkos. Good question. Leave a comment below on how good you think he was and how he would do with the Klitschko’s today.

Enjoy these highlight clips of Riddick Bowe on his birthday. Happy birthday champ.