In The Gym Training Notes: Max Effort Lower Workout

My 12lb. fighter Bryant Robinson set a PR on the trap bar deadlift tonight pulling 325lbs. The trap bar is an easy way to teach deadlifts. The bar isn’t in front of the fighter so they won’t excessively round their spines and just have sorry ass technique.

Bryant is strong for his size, he’s very smooth in the ring too. Increasing his max strength like he is will allow him to out bang the older stronger fighters.

We finished out max effort lower night with…

2A) Bulgarian Split Squats 2×8 30 sec rest then to

2B) Fat Grip Chin Ups 2×8 30 sec rest then back to Bulgarian Split Squats

3) Flutters 10 reps palms down, thumbs up, and thumbs down.

4) Ab Wheel, 2×20

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