Aug 29 2012

In The Gym Training Notes: Max Effort Lower Workout

My 12lb. fighter Bryant Robinson set a PR on the trap bar deadlift tonight pulling 325lbs. The trap bar is an easy way to teach deadlifts. The bar isn’t in front of the fighter so they won’t excessively round their spines and just have sorry ass technique.

Bryant is strong for his size, he’s very smooth in the ring too. Increasing his max strength like he is will allow him to out bang the older stronger fighters.

We finished out max effort lower night with…

2A) Bulgarian Split Squats 2×8 30 sec rest then to

2B) Fat Grip Chin Ups 2×8 30 sec rest then back to Bulgarian Split Squats

3) Flutters 10 reps palms down, thumbs up, and thumbs down.

4) Ab Wheel, 2×20

Aug 27 2012

Boxing Training Q/A: Using Indian Clubs For Injury Prevention.

Rob, What’s your take on using Indian clubs for shoulder and joint strengthening? I’ve had shoulder dislocations in the past (occurred during sparring) so I don’t spar any more but still do the workouts and train people, hold the mitts a lot, etc. Thanks, Bob

Bob, I love Indian Clubs in my own training and I have my fighters with or without shoulder issues use them too. Here’s a clip I did with Louie Simmons awhile back at my gym on the benefits and different motions of using Indian Clubs.

Aug 24 2012

Throw Back Friday Addition: Charley Burley.

Charley Burley was a very good fighter that beat Archie Moore twice and was often ducked by the best at that time, including Sugar Ray Robinson. Archie Moore said he was the best fighter he fought and Archie fought A LOT of great fighters. Ali, Marciano, Ezzard Charles to name a few.

Eddie Futch said he was the best fighter he ever saw period. That says a lot as Eddie has worked with the best and grew up in a time when boxing was more pure than it is today.

Watch Charley in action and this clip really dissects Charley and just what boxing is about. You will learn so much about boxing in this one clip, watch it again and again and again! Now enjoy!

Aug 22 2012

Boxing Training Q/A: The Essentials Of Boxing Defense.

Coach Rob, In order to keep the principal of hit and dont get hit, what should I do? Thanks, Kennedy.

Kennedy, There are several ways to defend a punch, move your head, use your hands to block, use your body to roll and weave under punches, and use your legs to slide out to the side and step away.

You can break each of these down in drills to master them and to effectively use these defensive techniques in the ring. Study very good fighters who used each of these different techniques. Tyson with his head movement, James Toney and Mayweather for their rolling with punches, Pernell Whitaker for his head movement, footwork, and angles. Winky Wright for his blocking punches.

Basically, after you throw a punch you have to be ready for what is coming at you by either moving your head, using your hands to block, rolling with your body, or using your feet to step to the side and THEN countering WHILE still being in position. That is what boxing is about. To hit, and not be hit, to evade a punch, YET be in position to land a punch.