Jul 16 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Live By The Sword, Get KO’d By The Sword.

Amir Khan looked to fast, too quick, and strong early on in his fight against Danny Garcia last Saturday night. Khan started quick and took control early. Danny kept coming and was right there touching Khan in spots. Danny just didn’t have the hand speed to stay with Khan.

That’s when Khan gave Danny the opportunity to stay in the fight by standing and trading with him instead of placing his shots and stepping around. Danny had the balls to punch with Khan and capitalized with that well placed left hook of his as Khan was loading up with an uppercut.

Khan was fighting Garcia’s fight and Garcia took the fight over with his well placed power shots and his balls to trade with Khan. That was Amir’s downfall and it made no sense given Amir’s talent and athleticism to box in and out of angles.

As the adage goes, Don’t bang with a banger. Garcia may not be the fastest, most talented fighter, but he’s tough, gritty, and patient. He’s also a Philly fighter nuff said!

That’s what won Garcia the fight along with Khan’s stylistic error. Props to Khan for getting up and to say he is done is fucking absurd. the dude got clipped on the ear and behind it. That is damn near impossible to recover from in a fight. I for one am not questioning his durability or toughness. I am questioning his choice to stand and trade when he can box and move making the fight easy. His bravado was his downfall and that made Garcia a unified champion and a new star on the scene. props to Garcia for taking advantage of Khan’s errors. props for Garcia to close the show. Boxing needed this injection of the theater of the unexpected with a thrilling finish. That puts asses in seats to see more and this is what makes boxing unique and it’s own.

He’s BACK.

David Haye looked pretty damn good in knocking out Dereck Chisora last Saturday afternoon in East London. This fight was called a sham going in but injected some excitement into the heavyweight division even though it was an all UK affair. Haye was too slick, fast, powerful, and had too much experience for Chisora. I gave Dereck a shot going in but David seized total control and never let derek in it with his smooth feet and fast hands. When Haye is on, He’s really a smooth fighter and fun to watch as he can punch very explosively with those fast hands.

Outside of the Klitschkos I would favor Haye against any of the rest and he may have similar performances like this against them. That’s just what the heavyweight division needs. Now I’m not saying Haye is the answer, He’s just exciting and fun to wwatch when he’s on and the heavyweight division hasn’t had a fighter like that in years.

Jul 13 2012

Boxing Training Tip: How To Build Fighting Skills.

Jul 11 2012

Boxing Training Q/A: The Advantages Of The Body Snatcher Bag.

Coach Rob, I’m looking at different bags, particularly _title_’s Big Bang Heavy Bag and the Body Snatcher Bag to add to my heavy bag workouts. Wonder if anyone has had experience with these or similar bags? One is like a big medicine ball and the other big on top and tapers down. Mostly I want to practice uppercuts/hooks and working at different angles. Obviously I can get a traditional uppercut bag but thought these might be better. I’m strictly doing Western boxing, no kicks or elbows. Thanks, Ian

Ian, Me and all my fighters and students LOVE the body snatcher bag in my gym, I use it far more than the upper cut bag because of what you stated you can do, punch off different angles and directions, over, under, side to the body, it’s a blast to work, you have to be careful with the uppercut bag because if you hit it wrong, it tears your wrists up!

Please let me know if you have any other questions and enjoy the bag. Here is a video clip on how to work the body snatcher bag.

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Jul 9 2012

Boxing Strength Endurance Workout.

Here is a killer exercise to build both work capacity and mental toughness. Think beyond road work for your conditioning needs.

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