Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen.

Boxing after dark used to be such an amazing program on HBO, it started off with unforgettable fights like Barrerra-McKinney and Gatti-Rodriguez. DiBella created great compelling fights. BAD was born, and well, bad as hell. It showcased lighter fighters in memorable fights. BAD created a cult. But oh how the times have changed!

Khan-Garcia was no doubt dope, but fights like these are too far in between mismatches like Broner-Escobedo & Thurman-Lara. That’s an ESPN main event and co main event. HBO embarrassed themselves with a fighter who didn’t try to make weight and therefore was stripped of his trinket. The show was almost canceled until they paid Escobedo a lot more $$ to play the sacrificial lamb.

This was a mismatch and a joke. Vicente was never in the fight and was pummeled before his corner rightly threw in the towel. Broner is no doubt gifted but slow the roll on him being the next best thing. Barrerra earned that with beating a proven and hungry fighter in McKinney and several other world class fighters during his climb.

This is Boxing After Dark! Go back to the fucking roots! Make Rios-Broner, et these fighters earn their greatness instead of Al Haymon using his influence to create a false sense of it with his fighters on HBO.

Hershman needs to grow some balls and do the job he was brought in to do and bring competitive and memorable fights back to HBO. The fighters grow from these fights and truly earn their success.

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  • Santiago Says:

    There gunna try to avoid a broner vs rios fight and try to give broner easy fights and promote him more:| shame

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