Weekend Wrap Up: Making A Statement!

Nobody really ever took Julio Cesar Chavez Jr’s career serious. He had no amateur back ground and turned pro as a young teenager beating bums while the craft of boxing. Well his impressive TKO of Andy Lee should silence some of these critiques.

Going into this fight many thought Lee could beat Chavez Jr. Lee had a very solid amateur background and is trained by hall of fame trainer Emmanuel Steward. For the first 3 rounds it looked liked Lee could out box Chavez Jr.

Give Jr. credit for cutting off the ring and timing Lee with right hands and upper cuts. You could learn some things in this fight. Julio displayed patience early, perhaps too much in giving up rounds but he kept the ring small and began timing Lee and slowing him down with well placed body shots.

Julio’s size, chin, body work, and power make him a real fighter now. He has improved very well with Roach in his last 3 fights. I enjoy watching him and seeing the growth. A fight with Sergio Martinez is no laughing matter now. I’m not saying Julio will beat Sergio, I’m saying the kid has been improving by doing the little things right and he will be a live dog in that fight.

Young fighters, Julio is a very good fighter to study in growth and experience. You can see his confidence growing along with his skill with each fight against tougher opponents. What more can you really ask for at this point. I will tell you what, patience.

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