Weekend Wrap: 3 Blind Rats.

    This pick sums up the fight and really my thoughts on it. Pacquiao clearly dominated 11 rounds to 1. I could see 10-2 but that is it! Manny was simply too good and had too much experience for Tim. Tim showed balls, heart , and a stout chin but he fucking didn’t land jack shit to win more than 1-2 rounds or the damn fight for that matter!

    Manny’s hand speed, movement, and ring smarts put Bradley in check all night long. I thought Bradley looked beat and frustrated throughout the fight.

    I agree with Freddie and thought that this was the best Pacquiao has looked since the Cotto win.

    Looks like a Nov. rematch is looming. I can’t see Bradley getting that much better but I can see Pacquiao laying hands in a more viscous and violent manner in the rematch.

    This type of shit kills boxing. I mean if the fight were close like the Marquez fight that would be one thing. This has been a horrible year of decisions. Campillo-Cloud, Abril-Rios and now Pacquiao-Bradley.

    More should be done to discipline judges. it’s an honor and privileged for them to judge such high prolific fights and if they simple cannot see for their own eyes what an ass beating is, then send their assesses to Florida to retire on the beach and leave the real judging for competent ones.

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