Jun 6 2012

Boxing Training Drill – Jab To The Body.

Attack the body with the jab. I’m on all my fighters to stick the jab to the body. Not many fighters use this punch. It can soften your opponent up so watch this clip and use this punch!

If you have any questions or views on this, please leave a comment below.

Jun 4 2012

Building The Foundation For Professional Success.

Antonio Tarver -Lateef Kayode fought to a 12 round draw this past Saturday in a ho hum action fight. There was a lot of disdain between the two coming into this fight and while Latteef had great success early with his power but his lack of experience let him down in the middle rounds of the fight.

Tarver’s experienced allowed him to be patient and pick his shots early in the fight while picking it up later in the fight. Tarver has a TON off amateur and pro championship experience. Although he’s 43 years old, that experience allows him to compete at this semi world class level.

Lateef has himself to blame for this draw. He broke down and faded. He needs more experience and needed that coming into this fight. That is called being mis managed. I don’t know his amateur background but it can’t be much based off what we saw from him.

My point is that a fighter learn how to fight in the amateurs as I’m a big advocate of amateur experience, but they are also supposed to learn in the early stages of their pro careers during their time as 6, 8, and 10 round fighters.

Tarver took that route and it has worked great for his ultra successful career. Kaleef’s team should sit down and take a look at themselves because we they did before this fight did not prepare them for this great opportunity.

Experience is the best teacher as they say.