Jun 25 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Once A Quiter Always A Quiter.

Victor Ortiz did it again, he quit when the going got tough. Credit Josesito Lopez, he came to fight and was coming on as the fight progressed. Joseito displayed the chin, heart, and toughness to linger and withstand Ortiz’s power. His relentless pressure simply cracked Ortiz as Victor didn’t want to come out for the 10th round due to a broken jaw.

Holmes fought through a torn bicep in a tough fight against Norton, Ali fought through broken jaws, many fighters have. Ortiz doesn’t though. Kiss the fight with Canelo goodbye. Ortiz will be back though and in line for another big fight like it or not.

Nobody gave Lopez a shot coming in and fights like this make boxing great, the Cinderella man earns the win. Lopez used to be Edwin Valero’s sparring partner. That experience with Edwin was priceless and has paid off. Ortiz was up on all cards before the tko stoppage. Lopez deserves a bigger fight with his hard nosed performance.

Not this time.

In his last two high profile fights here in the USA Lucas Matthysse got the short end of the stick in close decision losses to Zab Judah and Devon Alexander. He didn’t leave it in the judges hands last Saturday night against Humberto Soto. This was an action packed fight but Lucas was simply to strong and powerful for Soto. He dropped Soto for the first time in his career at the end of the 5th round and didn’t come out for the 6th. With his stellar TKO win Lucas puts himself in line for bigger fights. Lucas is a beast and is gonna be hard to beat. It’s fair to say he’s really undefeated with his controversial losses to Judah and Alexander. I for one can’t wait to see Lucas fight again. His steady pressure backed by fierce power make him lethal.

Jun 20 2012

Boxing Conditioning Workout: Moving on Foam.

Without the weight vest on this is a great way to heal up ankle and foot issues. This is an excellent change of pace conditioning tool to use in you workouts.

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Jun 18 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Making A Statement!

Nobody really ever took Julio Cesar Chavez Jr’s career serious. He had no amateur back ground and turned pro as a young teenager beating bums while the craft of boxing. Well his impressive TKO of Andy Lee should silence some of these critiques.

Going into this fight many thought Lee could beat Chavez Jr. Lee had a very solid amateur background and is trained by hall of fame trainer Emmanuel Steward. For the first 3 rounds it looked liked Lee could out box Chavez Jr.

Give Jr. credit for cutting off the ring and timing Lee with right hands and upper cuts. You could learn some things in this fight. Julio displayed patience early, perhaps too much in giving up rounds but he kept the ring small and began timing Lee and slowing him down with well placed body shots.

Julio’s size, chin, body work, and power make him a real fighter now. He has improved very well with Roach in his last 3 fights. I enjoy watching him and seeing the growth. A fight with Sergio Martinez is no laughing matter now. I’m not saying Julio will beat Sergio, I’m saying the kid has been improving by doing the little things right and he will be a live dog in that fight.

Young fighters, Julio is a very good fighter to study in growth and experience. You can see his confidence growing along with his skill with each fight against tougher opponents. What more can you really ask for at this point. I will tell you what, patience.

Jun 12 2012

Weekend Wrap: 3 Blind Rats.

    This pick sums up the fight and really my thoughts on it. Pacquiao clearly dominated 11 rounds to 1. I could see 10-2 but that is it! Manny was simply too good and had too much experience for Tim. Tim showed balls, heart , and a stout chin but he fucking didn’t land jack shit to win more than 1-2 rounds or the damn fight for that matter!

    Manny’s hand speed, movement, and ring smarts put Bradley in check all night long. I thought Bradley looked beat and frustrated throughout the fight.

    I agree with Freddie and thought that this was the best Pacquiao has looked since the Cotto win.

    Looks like a Nov. rematch is looming. I can’t see Bradley getting that much better but I can see Pacquiao laying hands in a more viscous and violent manner in the rematch.

    This type of shit kills boxing. I mean if the fight were close like the Marquez fight that would be one thing. This has been a horrible year of decisions. Campillo-Cloud, Abril-Rios and now Pacquiao-Bradley.

    More should be done to discipline judges. it’s an honor and privileged for them to judge such high prolific fights and if they simple cannot see for their own eyes what an ass beating is, then send their assesses to Florida to retire on the beach and leave the real judging for competent ones.