May 14 2012

A Shot Of Motivation: Great Motivational Quotes.

May 11 2012

Build a Bullet Proof Core With This Hardcore Abdominal Exercise.

The typical abdominal exercise for fighters is crunches off the floor. Challenge yourself and build the core with the ab wheel. This progression I have of the ab wheel in this clip is extreme. DO NOT attempt this if you have a weak core and little training experience with the ab wheel. As I state in the clip along with you must have proper biomechnical function of the shoulders or you will trash them.

Brace your core when performing this exercise. It’s a total core training movement. It also trains extension and that is vital because striking fighters spend a lot of time in flexion. So in essence you are getting a strength and corrective exercise with this movement. That’s training economy!

May 8 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: A Fight At last!

Mayweather-Cotto was far better than most hope for. It was filled with action and intensity with Cotto constantly bringing the heat to Mayweather. Floyd had fight last Saturday night. He had to dig down and gut it out. Cotto earned praise in his valiant effort. But I think Cotto could have done more and has no reason to dispute the defeat. He should blame himself.

Cotto was too nice on the inside. He didn’t rip Floyd there enough when he had perfect angles to do so. He stayed calm in the clinches when he should have been ripping Floyd’s body. I think Cotto fought great other than his inside game.

What is with Cotto’s trainer telling him to box when he could pressure Mayweather more?! Staying center ring is Floyd’s game and that allows him to rest and do his thing. bad move.

Floyd was very accurate and precise with his punches. He understands ring gneralship well. This made me a fan of his in his young championship days. Doing amazing things against the best.

Floyd doesn’t seem to have the legs he used to. He backs to the ropes when he used to dart around. his reflexes look duller too. It’s fair to say he is slowing down. His ring IQ isn’t though. I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch if the Pacquiao-Cotto fight can’t be made. Perhaps Cotto could do better in the rematch? Maybe he is to Mayweather what Antonio Tarver was to Roy Jones?

Heavy Bag Workout.
Canelo looked strong and sharp against a stick a fork in him he’s done Shane Mosley. Canelo really turns into his punches and rips the body well. He relaxes very well in the ring too. Golden Boy better start matching him a bit more tough if they expect him to keep growing because it looks like he hasn’t progressed in his last two fights. He needs live challanges to bring out his best, grow, and develop. He does enough heavy bag work in the gym. Why match him with one on fight night? We really don’t know enough about Canelo to get a true feel for him. Sure he’s only 21 years old, but a real live body isn’t asking for much.

Canelo has star power and I think he will grow into a pretty damn good fighter. It’s up to his team now to make that a reality.

May 1 2012

Weekend Boxing Wrap Up.

The Dawson-Hopkins fight was what many of us thought it would be. Dawson was the stronger, faster, and more skilled fighter in the ring that night. Bernard tried to rough Chad up and get him off his plan and he did have some success but when Chad kept the pressure on Hopkins he had his way.

Bernard simply can’t put his punches together any more. He still has the reflexes but just can’t pull the trigger like he needs to against world class fighters. Chad is a gifted boxer and left behind more of what he is instead of what he showed. He is better than that and hopefully he can show that he is but over all he fought a solid fight and kept the pressure on Bernard while keeping his cool as Hopkins headbutted and rough housed away.

That’s a fight Dawson can grow from. All that dude has to do is let his fucking hands go. i mean physically he has it all. Mentally he doesn’t.

Making A Statement

Mitchel-Witherspoon was a fun heavyweight scrap for once! Chazz hurt Seth bad in the first and it appeared that it might end there but Seth showed a lot of balls and grit to bite down and survive the round. He came out for the 2nd ripping body shots and hurting Chazz with his hook. Mitchel needs more experience no doubt about that but he grew from this fight showing he can be hirt and bounce back. Yes I know it was just Chazz who hurt him and we don’t know if he could recover from a shot like that from say Chris Arreola. That would be a great fight by the way. Word is Seth will fight Michael grant next. That’s smart, let him learn, grow, and blossom some more before any Klitschko name is brought up. That’s a mismatch right now. Props to Seth. he gutted it out and ended a heavyweight fight the old fashioned way, by KO!


Props to newly crowned WBA welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi for his impressive 9th round TKO win over Vyacheslav Senchenko in Donetsk, Ukraine. Paulie jumped on Senchenko from the start busting and beating him up. Paulie looked fast and his movement was excellent. Paulie’s hand speed was sick and he actually displayed some impressive punching power! The end came after Senchenko’s eye swelled shut and he couldn’t see the punches.You young fighters out there, this is how you take a fight into your own hands when fighting over seas in a fighters backyard. Brilliant plan and performance! How about this all Brooklyn fight… Malignaggi-Judah!

Congrats Paulie! For a boxing clinic you put on.