May 31 2012

Johnny Tapia Highlights.

Here are some clips of Johnny’s best moments in the ring. RIP champ!

May 29 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Back With A Vengance!

Not too many people gave Carl Froch a shot against IBF super middleweight champion Lucian Bute last Saturday in Nottingham, England. Froch stunned many as he hurt Bute early and finished him for good in the 5th round with a huge statement performance.

Bute landed some good shots early too but Froch just has too much world class experience and he adjusted and never looked back.

Some say Bute got exposed. I don’t agree with that. Bute just doesn’t have much world class experience. Froch has fought the best in his last 8 fights. I mean the best! He’s been honed with world class fighting experience. Even in his losses he’s taken great things from them. He’s been forged by his competition to fight at a level where others with less experience will sink and that’s the award Froch has gotten for taking such a tough road.

Carl deserves to be in the top 10 p4p now. At least #8 or #9. Congrats to a great performance and props for Bute for displaying class. He will be back!


5x World Champion in the Jr. Bantamweight, Bantamweight, & Featherweight Johnny Tapia passed away in his home Sunday. he was 45 years old. Tapia was passionate and lived a crazy life in and out of jail and trouble. it was one of the best 115lb champions ever though and his win over cross town rival Danny Romero one of the best fights of his career. He was loved by many for his genuine attitude. He WILL be missed. Rest in peace champ!

Yesterday Paul Williams was involved in a trajic motor cycle accident that left him paralyzed from the waste down. Williams was to fight Canelo Alvarez in the fall and this is just horrible news but they say despite the circumstances Paul’s spirits are very good. I hope the best for him as I’m sure you all do. he was a classy champion who gave it his all. This will support and aide him in this tragic time.

May 22 2012

Boxing Defense Workout Tip: How To Cut Off The Ring.

The basics are brushed over in many gym today. Many fighters lack the basics of boxing defense. Cutting off the ring is one of the area where fighters fail to grasp the essence of it. Watch this clip and take the tips in it and put them to practice in the gym so you can take the ring away from a mover. You will make the ring smaller and your pressure will allow you to slow them down. This is boxing 101. But essential to become great.

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May 16 2012

One Of The Best training Tools You Can Use!

Not many people know how to lift properly. Not many boxing skill coaches understand how to teach proper lifting technique when using resistance training.

There IS one simple and versatile training tool that can improve strength, speed, power, and conditioning in a fighter without them getting under a bar. There is no real fear of the fighter hurting themselves with poor lifting technique OR the coach freaking out that they can’t teach proper exercise lifting technique. This is a training tool you can purchase or you can create a homemade version. This is one piece of equipment you ALL should be using. You can take it with you anywhere as it’s easier to store and move.

Alright alright, I’ll get to it! I’m talking about the sled. The sled is very simply to use. You push it, pull it, laterally drag it, sprint with it, even perform pushing and rowing exercises with it. The sled is a piece of smooth metal with a prong in the middle of it where the weight plates go. You move it with straps.

It’s great for conditioning as well. You can make a homemade sled out of a car tire. Drill two holes and it and knot an inch thick rope through it, there’s your sled.

Load it HEAVY and push or pull for short 20 yard distances for strength. Perform 4-6 sets.

Load it light and sprint with it for 30 yards for speed. Perform 6-10 sets.

Attach a bungee strap to it and perform blast pushes with it for power. Perform 5-6 reps for 3-5 sets.

Load it with a weight you can drag for 15 minutes straight for mental and physical endurance.

Tell you what. here’s a conditioning challenge. Now that it’s getting hot outside, walk with the loaded sled or tire for 15 minutes straight and add some shadow boxing while walking. This is the antidote for when your legs are burning and you feel like quitting inside the ring. Those of us that fight have been there! The sled builds SICK work capacity and mental toughness to drown out fatigue and weakness.

It’s very safe for younger athletes to use to get strong as it adds no axial loading to the spine. In fact, I can’t believe more coaches aren’t having their younger fighters or fighters period use the sled to build strength and work capacity. I guarantee you will see an improvement in your boxing performance using this simply piece of equipment.

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