Apr 17 2012

Weekend Fight Wrap Up.

Richard Abril thoroughly out pointed Brandon Rios last Saturday night albeit in ugly fashion but was robbed as the horrific judging of Glenn Trowbridge Jerry Roth had Rios the 115-113 dubious winner. Adalaide Byrd was spot on with her 117-11 for Abril.

First off Rios is no fucking lightweight. Enough of this shit. His manager Cameron Dunkin should be slapped around for making this absurd move. Team Rios is shortening Rios career by putting him through starvation, dehydration, and anxiety which is taxing to his endocrine system. Fucking morons is what they are.

Corrupt is what Trowridge and Roth are. Full of shit is what Rios is for thinking he could have beat Gamboa in that state trying to make lightweight.

I really dont think Rios will have a long stay as a world class fighter with this abuse on his body. Along with one of the worst decisions of the year this is also one of the worst managerial decisions of the year.

Sure Abril was awkward and he threw few punches but he did the most, Rios just came forward, so what!

This decision left many in the boxing world outraged and disgusted. It shows you can NEVER trust the judges to call the obvious.

Lets see what Rios can do at 140 and what he has left.

Apr 14 2012

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Apr 11 2012

Still One Of The Best Rounds Ever!

This round is sick! Two All Time Greats at Their best! Enjoy and check out how Tommy would use his upper cut. Not too many fighters know how to use it and sneak it in anymore.

Apr 9 2012

Doing What It Takes To Stay A Champion.

You all know I’m not a fan of the brash arrogant Mayweather.Personality aside, I respect and admire his skills. His work ethic is 2nd to none as he’s always in shape working hard. Sure Floyd has ducked some fighters but he’s always taken the sport serious and has never overlooked what got him to the top. That’s hard work, focus, and dedication. Check out this clip on what it takes to stay a champion and that is something I highly respect Mayweather for. Minus the excessive bling and bravado, he puts in hard work.