Apr 27 2012

The Lost Art Of Body Shots.

Here’s a great clip on the power of solid body work. It’s an art and it’s quickly becoming a lost one. Watch and learn how to set up devastating body shots and how to complete your combinations with them. Enjoy!

Apr 25 2012

Don’t Overlook This!

I was asked recently how important I thought massage was to a fighter’s performance. In my opinion and what I see is that fighters don’t get enough of quality deep tissue work. Deep tissue work is vital to keeping trigger points ( tight taut knots of muscle tissue ) from limiting your boxing performance.

I know a quality deep tissue therapist is expensive but you can also look into a massage therapy school and pay half the price that you would for an experienced therapist. Keep in mind you get what you pay for and the quality won’t be as good as comes with an experienced therapist but it beats nothing at all.

Another alternative is using a foam roller to address tissue quality. The foam roller is great for improving mobility as well. It’s a wonderful simple tool for recovery and improving tissue quality that’ll lessen the chance of any soft tissue injuries that can happen in training.

Bottom line, get some deep tissue work done or roll to take the nicks and pains away while improving your boxing performance..

Apr 23 2012

Boxing Training Q/A: How To Build Strength & Endurance Concurrently.

Rob, is it possible to train and progress when you are simultaneously trying to improve performance that uses different energy systems. In other words, the age-old question. Can you train for strength and endurance simultaneously or does it hinder progress such that you would be better focusing on one before moving on to the other? Thanks, Chris

Chris, Yes you can train both at the same time this is the conjugate model I use in my gym and discuss in my book. You can train for max strength, speed, and muscle endurance in the same weekly micro cycle and build them up. Keep in mind boxing skill training is muscle endurance and so besides using barbell, kettle bell, db complexes we don’t use much high rep light weight workouts loading.

Yes you get better results training the anaerobic alactic, lactid acid (anaerobic glycolytic), and aerobic energy systems. They are ALL called upon in a fight and all must be trained but you can improve aerobic capacity using anaerobic intervals.

Also keep in mind that you must train for max strength when you are fresh for quality gains. You can conditioning after a max effort workout, I just wouldn’t do it before. You will only stop making gains if you are over training and not getting enough recovery. That is if your conditioning workouts are so intensive that they take away from your strength workouts. If you are going to use high cns intensive conditioning drills perform them after your max effort workouts on max effort day. So don’t perform a max effort workout on Monday then perform a sprint workout on Tuesday or some other high intensive conditioning workout. In between max effort lifting days you can use low intensive workouts. These workouts aren’t stressful to the nervous system, Swimming, running drills of <75 of your sprint, battling rope circuits etc... Follow a high/low method of planning strength training and conditioning and you will get stronger, faster, more explosive, while building solid endurance.

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Apr 19 2012

The Boxing Blue Print Deluxe Edition.

I didn’t mention the deluxe edition of my www.theboxingblueprint.com book and there are plenty of quality bonuses that will instantly improve your training results in the deluxe edition. Why you may ask? Because very few people train this way. It’s that simple. Therefore they put a lid on their potential and get no better. They lack the knowledge, direction, and training to rip that lid off and grow to new heights but we give you those in my book and in these bonuses.

First I would like to clear something up. I’ve been getting questions about the PDF ebook format. When you get instant PDF access to the book upon ordering it, you can print the book out and have Kinkos or Staples spiral bind it into a physical book. That’s real cheap and easy to do. Or you can just print it out hole punch it and stick it in a binder. So although this is an electronic book format, it’s also a physical book upon printing so you can take it to the gym with you or anywhere else you go 🙂 Now onto the bonuses!

1. Secrets To Cutting & Making Weight Fast by Alwyn Cosgrove: This is a must have as too many coaches and fighters fail to understand how to cut weight quickly and safely. Alwyn does an excellent job in this manual showing you just how to do that.

2. Louie Simmons Strength/Condition For Fighters Interrogation: I interview Louie Simmons on the phone and he holds nothing back in discussing strength/conditioning training for fighters. This audio is packed with real world training gold! You will be amazed on what people are doing wrong out there and what you can do to not be one of them!

3. What It Takes To Succeed as an Amateur & Pro Fighter: This is a great audio interview I did with my friend former 5X World Champion & 84 Olympic Silver medalist Virgil Hill. Virgil gives you a rare behind the scenes view of what it takes to succeed at a high level as an amateur and professional fighter. He’s been there and done that. Listen to this and arm yourself with real knowledge to succeed as you climb the ranks as a fighter.

4. The Vault Coach Rob’s Best Training Q/A: This is my best training q/a from the past 8 years! Lots of great real world training questions that ties the training information in my book in nicely to many real world training scenarios.

5. Exercise Progression Manual: This manual contains exercise progression for the push, pull, bend, (posterior chain). lunge, squat, and twist pattern. You will never be bored or grow stagnant in your training with these progressions. Exercise cues/instruction included.

6. Free 1 Month Email Coaching: You get to pick my brain for one month on any training questions you may have. This also ensures you that you fully understand the training guidelines and programs in my book. I’m in your corner to help you succeed!

7. Advanced Battling Rope Exercises & Workouts Video By Joe Hashey: Joe gives you some very good battling rope progressions and different ways to structure your rope training in this video. If you haven’t used the battling rope for conditioning I challenge you to do so. You will be amazed on the results you gain. This is no hype. Watch and see for yourself.

8. Joe Ross’s Advanced Explosive Power Training for Fighters: Joe shares his approach to power training and this is a must read if you are serious about becoming more explosive.

9. One Free Month Membership to Boxingperformance.com: I give you a free month on boxingperformance.com for purchasing the book. A lot of the exercises I have in my book are in video format on boxingperformance.com This site compliments my book nicely will help you reach your goals even faster.

So as you see these bonuses are guaranteed to improve your training and results. No BS and No hype. Go to www.theboxingblueprint.com now to order the book and get your bonuses! Hurry cause the price will be going up in a few days. Save some $$$ now!