Mar 31 2012

Power Punching Display.

Here’s a clip of some of the best punches ever thrown. I thinks it’s a pretty good list. If there’s any fighter missing. Post a comment to let us know.

Enjoy the clip!

Mar 28 2012

Plyometric Explosive Power Training Mistakes.

To make the amortization more clear, it’s when you go from a lowering (eccentric) to a return phase (concentric). Also keep in mind the faster the eccentric movement the more potential elastic energy is built for explosive power upon the concentric phase of the exercise. If that phase is too long, you lose a lot of the elastic energy that was created in the eccentric movement.

Another huge mistake I didn’t address is too short of rest periods being used. For extreme plyometric exercise like depth jumps or depth drop push ups, too short of rest periods will greatly increase the chances of injury and decrease performance due to lack of nervous system recovery.

You see, the key to explosive power is training the cns (central nervous system). If you aren’t resting enough when using true plyometric exercises like depth jumps, you are programing the nervous system to be slow with faulty movement patterns from that fatigue.

So for extreme plyometric exercises, rest at least 3 minutes between sets, depending on the height of depth jumps, rest periods could be 4 minutes or higher.

Also keep in mind that you must progress into intense plyometric exercise like depth jumps. To perform them with a poor preparedness level is foolish and counter productive to your speed goals.

Comment below with any questions or comments to this often misunderstood exercise protocol.

Mar 26 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Good Fights & A Bad Ref.

This was indeed an interesting weekend of boxing.

Carlos Molina was dominating James Kirkland for 10 straight rounds last Saturday night. James looked lost was Carlos seemed unstoppable. james couldn’t land any real combinations on Carlos as Carlos moved his head well becoming a very elusive target. I agree with many that the knockdown of Molina was more of a push. Kirkland looked listless and plain horrible. What a way to lay an egg after following his big exciting win over Angulo.

Carlos deserves another big fight. Don’t count on a rematch. Golden Boy doesn’t want to risk their investment anymore, look for a Bundrage-Kirland fight next. For Kirkland’s sake. He better be the fighter that destroyed Angulo or it’s over! Carlos put in an A+ peromanc ewhile

End of the road

Erik Morales just never seemed into this fight since the beginning of the promotion. Danny Garcia fought a good fight and was just too fast, young, and hungry for the old warrior Morales. Erik faded late and Garcia took him apart with sharp counter punching. The knockdown in the 11th punctuated his performance. Could Danny have done more? Of course, but like the old saying goes the belt makes the fighter better. With this win and experience Garcia should be able to improve and he will need too. he will need to be more aggressive and fluent and that should come with experience. He gets an A for his performance

Super Performance

Just when we were all ready to write Zab off he comes back with another stellar performance. Zab outclassed Vernon from the opening bell. Zab was too fast, powerful, smart, and relaxed to let Vernon in the fight. I was impressed with Zab’s movement in the fight. He looked smooth and viscous. If he could only bring out a performance like this in a big fight. Regardless he gets another title shot. He’s in line to fight the Peterson-Khan winner. If Peterson wins, that’s a big fight. If Khan wins, look for Khan to vacate the belt. Props to Zab and his A= performance.

RIP Bert Sugar

Legendary historian author Bert Sugar passed away yesterday. He was 74. His incredible insight, wit, and humor will forever be missed. I had the pleasure of meeting Bert and talking boxing with him back in 01 at the Laila Ali vs Jacqui Frazier-Lyde fight. he was genuine and willingly shared his knowledge and time with boxing fans. RIP Bert.

Mar 21 2012

Blast From The Past Edition: A Great Display of Ring Generalship.

You all should know by now that I’m a huge James Tony fan. I followed him since I was 16 years old and I even made my pro debut on his under card back in 2000. I loved James’ style and his willingness to fight the best to be the best. He was p4p #1 at one point in 1994. James was in his prime and firing on all cylinders.

I always thought that his fight with Iran Barkley was his best performance. Watch this clip and see why. Watch how James immediately took control of the fight and owned the ring that night. He controlled Iran that night. That is ring generalship at it’s best. Now watch this clip and enjoy a boxing genius at work!