Weekend Wrap Up: Grading The Performances.

The Alexander Povetkin-Marco Huck fight turned into a very good heavyweight scrap. Yeah, good heavyweight fights are as rare as Joe Cortez reffing a solid fight these days! Marco came to fight and pressed the action as the fight settled in the middle rounds. His tricky right hand caught Povetkin all fight long. Povetkin was lucky Marco didn’t possess heavyweight power. I liked Marco’s aggression but he could have used his jab more and went to the body more.

I feel that he won the fight by 115-113. He had Povetkin reeling in the last round and had he had one more round to work, I feel he would have stopped Povetkin. Marco did very well for his heavyweight debut and I give him a B+. He must stay away from he Klitschko’s though.

Povetkin started the fight nice ripping fast combinations and body shots. Alxander tires quickly though and it bothered me to see him breathing so heavily between rounds. He also was getting caught by Marco’s right hand to many times to see that it’s a big problem. This is why Alexander turned down a fight with Wladimir. he would get crushed by Wladimir’s hard right hand.

Perhaps if Teddy Atlas was int he corner Povetkin would have fought a more disciplined and consistent fight? he didn’t and he almost paid for it. He lacks balance at times too. You just get the sense that Povetkin won’t be champion long with his telling flaws. I would give Chris Arreola a helluva chance to beat him with his power and pressure. Povetkin earns a C+ for his performance.


You either love Adrien Broner for the gifted fighter he is or you hate his for his over the top bombastic brashness. Either way the kid is good. He has Floyd Jr’s style down pretty good. While he doesn’t have his own fighting identity it works well for him. I’m no saying his an elite fighter yet as it wasn’t too long ago that many though he deserved a draw against Daniel Ponce Deleon. He has been rapidly improving since then. Also take into account on how much bigger he was than Eloy. This was a mismatch and really proves shit although many gave Eloy a helluva chance leading into this fight. That evaporated was they were seen in the ring. Either way Broner deserves an A+ for handling his over matched opponent the way he did.

Eloy Perez was simply to small and too slow to handle Broner’s footwork and reflexes. he tried till the end but he just couldn’t hit Broner. Eloy knows how to fight. He has the skill but he just didn’t physically match up well with Adrien. His D performance is by no means a total grade of his fighting ability. For that mismatch yes. Eloys is good, he will be back.

Silencing The Critics.

Devon Alexander impressed many with his dominating performance over Marcos Maidana. Devon looked bigger, faster, stronger, and more powerful. His technique looked much better too. he also closed the fight strong instead of fading. he did all of this against a very tough opponent that has never been dominated in such a way before. The more to 147 seems to have revived Devon’s career. Devon did hold and grapple to much for my liking but outside of that his performance was very solid. I like how he ripped Maidana’s body hurting him several times with those shots. Devon gets an A+ for his performance.

Maidana earns a D. Welterweight is too big for Marcos. he is dropping back down to Jr. Welterweight as he should. There are some big fights down there for the relentless brawler. Although Marcos had a bad night he fought his ass off. he never stopped trying and deserves props for that.

Devon should be in line for the Berto-Ortiz winner. He he dominates the winner of that then he’s right back in the mix for a big fight.

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