Weekend Wrap Up: Drama Fest.

Dereck Chisora provided plenty of drama leading into his fight with Vitali Klitschko, right before the fight in the ring with Wladimir and after the fight with David Haye at the post fight presser.

It started when Dereck slapped Vitali at the weight in. Carried over to spitting in Wladimirs face in the ring before the fight, and ended with he and David Haye brawling at the post fight presser.

Yes there was a fight between all this chaos and despite all his pathetic antics, Dereck gave a good account for himself in his fight with Vitali. I scored the fight 115-113 for Vitali. It wasnt a near shout out as the judges score cards displayed. Dereck pressed Vitali, worked his body well, took his best shots, and fought better than the last string of unworthy Klitschko opponents.

Vitali was exhausted from Derecks steady pressure and body attack. Vitali also fought with one arm in the fight as he tore a ligament in his left shoulder during the fight. Chisora in my opinion won rounds 5-8 but Vitali seized command in the championship rounds. This was a good heavyweight fight. We havent had one in awhile.

After the fight the drama resumed as Haye was heckling Dereck. The two fighters got into a brawl with Haye being the punk he is hit Dereck with a glass. Haye wants Vitali. Fuck that, let the winner of Chisora-Haye fight Vitali. Vitali is getting real old and while he is a great champion its gonna take a fighter who can apply steady pressure and a relentless work rate to stand a chance of beating Vitali. They must possess a huge set of balls as the brave bloke Chisora displayed in his attack.

The Punisher

Paul Williams looked better than expected in shutting out Nobuhiro Ishida. It was a typical Paul Williams fight, lots of volume punching overwhelmed Ishida. Paul still lays his punches out there and leaves gaps to be countered. He needs another win or too against a fringe contender before stepping back up to the world class level.

Grand Theft

Gabriel Campillo was screwed yet again. This dude just cant catch a break! He clearly out boxed Tavoris Cloud last Saturday night after getting dropped twice in the first round. After the first round Campillo took over with his fast feet and combination punching. Taroris just plodded forward as Campillo peppered him with combos. Gabriel has some of the best footwork in boxing. It was brilliant. His ring generalship dominant YET he left the ring without the belt. It is said you really have to beat the champion to take the belt. Gabriel did just that.

Cloud has some serious flaws. If there is a rematch Gabriel should be the favorite cause of much better can Cloud be. He does his best work when a fighter stands in front of him. Gabriel wont do that. Fights that are scored like this just leave a really bad taste in your mouth. You can never trust the judges. No matter how dominate of a performance a fighter like Gabriel displayed, the judges can fuck you and they sure did that to uncrowned champion Campillo.

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