Feb 18 2012

Activity Breeds Success.

We are having our 5th fight show in 5 months tonight at my boxing academy. My fighters have been staying busy with our shows and other shows within these past five months. The results have been the fighters feeling far more comfortable in the ring. They have been looking a lot sharper form that comfort feeling.

Our shows have allowed families from other city gyms to see there kids fight more. Everyone wins. The coaches get there fighters more work. The fighters get better from that active work. The talent pool gets better from fighting that often so it makes the competition that much better.

I’ve been very pleased with how our shows have been helping the fighters get better. I’m happy with the loyal following we have developed to support our fight shows. Finally I’m happy with the cooperation of the coaches who put their fighters on my shows as they see the big picture.

Shows in succession keeps boxing in peoples faces and minds. It grows the sport locally as more kids come to the gyms from this constant activity. Constant shows let people know that boxing is live and thriving. With this awareness of local boxing kids now have another choice before just choosing football, basketball, or baseball.

And to think, we are only five months in. The best is yet to come!

Feb 15 2012

Q/A: How To Get Strong While Staying Within Your Weight Division.

Rob, I was wondering if you had any tips for improving my strength while keeping myself in the lightweight division.

The success you will have in getting strong while staying in your weight division comes from tweaking the exercise variables.


You need to perform compound exercises that stimulate the nervous system using reps between 1-5. The rep selection will depend on your strength training age of course. If you are a beginner you should not perform 1-2 rep loads of >90% 1 rm. Intermediate and advance will effectively increase their max strength levels with the >90% loads as their connective tissue is prepared for that intensity.


You can also keep the volume low as another way no to stimulate the time under tension of the muscles. Your volume should be low anyways to help you recover faster. Sets of 5-8 aren’t needed in to stimulate strength gains in your case. Depending on your training experience work up to a 3rm or 2rm max and stop. Record the weight lifted and break that record next week.

Rest Periods

When using lower reps with higher intensity you don’t get the time under tension to increase muscle size. Also, with the longer rest periods (3+ min) used between sets of strength training you won’t get the hormonal release to stimulate hypertrophy (muscle size). Strength gained without increasing weight is called relative strength. This is strength relative to body weight. In your case to stay withing your division this is the strength to achieve.

Everyone responds different to training so you really have to tweak and adjust the exercise variables within the guidelines I gave you to what works best for you.

Click here For more boxing strength training workouts.

Feb 12 2012

What a Disgrace.

A brawl happened after Filipino fighter and now IBF light flyweight world champion Joel Casimero beat Argentinian former champ Luis Lazarte last Friday night in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Casimero won by 10th round TKO after referee Eddie Claudio stopped the fight. Watch the riot in the clip. A fighter never knows what’s going happen when they fight a home town hero. This is ridiculous.

Feb 7 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Passing The Test.

Marco Antonio Rubio was supposed to be a huge threat to KO Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. leading in to their fight. Julio handled Rubio last Saturday night ripping his body and moving him around the ring at will. Julio came into the ring Saturday night as a crusierweight putting all that weight on after having massive problems making it.

Julio was simply to big for Rubio to handle. The size difference was striking. Rubio stunned Julio in the 4th but Julio came back to rip Rubio’s body making him wince. Rubio landed several nice power shots in the fight but Julio’s size and work rate was just too much.

Give Jr. credit. the kid can take a punch, has balls, and can fight hard late in the fight. He doesn’t fade. People need to back the fuck off of their never ending criticism of him. Julio is getting better with each fight and if he can keep his shit together outside the ring, a match with Martinez won’t be the blow out many think it will be.

Julio got a DUI two weeks before the fight. Then kid is reckless it seems. Freddie Roach is sharpening Julio’s skills. Now Julio has to do his part. Arum was pissed about the making weight struggles and is planning another fight to keep Jr. active and in shape.

For having no amateur experience Julio is progressing at a good rate. I’m not saying he’s a top 3 middleweight. I’m saying the kid has earned respect and he’s no joke. Give him a few more fights with Roach and like I have said before. We may all be pleasantly surprised.

Fight Of The Year Candidate.

Yoan Pablo Hernandez-Steve Cunningham II was a back and worth classic! Yoan dropped Steve twice in round four and seemed like the end. Steve recovers and out boxes Yoan for several of the middle rounds. Yoan pours it on late hurting and wobbling Steve in the last round. The crusierweight division was stop being ignored! Why didn’t HBO or Showtime pick up this fight?!

Both men fought their asses off and both deserve big props in an ignored division.