Jan 17 2012

Happy Birthday To The Greatest!

Muhammad Ali turned 70 years young today. Happy birthday champ!

I have Ali as the #1 best heavyweight champion that has lived thus far. Here’s my reason why.

Ali fought in the golden era of the heavyweight division. Fighting everyone from Archie Moore,Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, George Foreman, Ron Lyle, Ernie Shavers, Leon Spinks, Ali fought them all.

Ali’s true greatness may never be truly defined since he was robbed of 2.5 years of his career due to not fighting in Vietnam. Ali was the first 3 time Heavyweight Champion.

Ali’s speed, movement, toughness, ring smarts, mouth, and self belief were what made him special. More so though the many top fighters he fought and dominated.

His reflexes were beyond quick. He would often make fighters angry by fighting in the pocket and then dance away out of danger before they could get off. His ring generalship is legendary. Muhammad Ali was known to admire and idolize Sugar Ray Robinson and calling him “The King” ” The Master” “His Idol” Ali often looked like a heavyweight version of Sugar Ray Robinson with the way he fought. Just like his idol, nobody did it like Ali.

Now watch the “Greatest at his best!

Jan 11 2012

The Birthplace Of Punching Power.

Rob, You mention Marciano being a very undersized but extremely powerful heavy weight. Jack Dempsey said Marciano was the biggest puncher he ever saw. Being that Marciano seemed to lack´╗┐ hand speed, where did that power come from?

It came from his stance and his excellent punching technique off that stance. Rocky’s trainer Charley Goldman turned Marciano into the devastating force he was. Watch this video to learn how.

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Jan 9 2012

Boxing Training Tip: Double Double End Bag Workout.

If I had to only have one bag in my gym it would be the double end bag. The heavy bag is very good for conditioning and developing punching power but it is not as near as versatile as the double end bag. I mean you can training offense and defense very effectively with the double end bag and you can’t get lazy with it. It teaches you to be present and sharp.

Watch this clip to learn wht the double double end bag is another great training option as well.

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Jan 2 2012

Top 10 Fights I Want To See In 2012.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a healthy & happy 2012! Here’s a list of fights that I would like to see made this year. These are fights that would get me to open my wallet to see in eager anticipation. Did I leave any would be big fights out? Tell me the fights you want to see happen this year.

1. Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: This fight is losing it’s block buster luster. Floyd’s sitting in jail for 90 days. Will this fight happen in June? It better or it won’t matter much after that.

2. Andre Ward vs. Lucian Bute: Both men have no other options at 168. This fight needs to be made. Bute was the best fighter not in the super six. Ward dominated that tournament while IBF champion Bute was dominating C level fighters in Montreal Canada.

3. Chris Arreola vs. Seth Mitchell: This could be dubbed would the real American Heavyweight contender please stand up! Someone would be lying down stretched out in this can’t miss brawl. Mitchell is still unproven but both would bring it hard in this fight. Chris loves to bang and Mitchell could finally arive with a thrilling win.

4. Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Adrien Broner: Gamboa has out grown the featherweight division and this fight would pit two of the fastest fighter’s in boxing against each other. I think Gamboa would ice Broner than take his brush after dusting him!

5. Erik Morales vs. Juan Manuel Marquez: Why not? Better late than never as both of these living legends never faced off. Erik has proven he still has something left in the tank and you know both would really put out a stellar performance if this fight was held in Mexico. These two need to fight before they retire.

6. Miguel Cotto vs. Segio Martinez: Cotto down plays a Martinez fight based off of Sergio’s inability to draw. Cotto has been improving and we could see just how good Martinez really is agaist an A fighter and champion.

7. Juan Manuel Marquez vs Brandon Rios: if Marquez-Morales can’t be made this fight would be an excellent war. Would it be similiar to Marquez-Diaz? Rios is a bull but Marquez like nobody he has been in the ring with. Put this fight in Texas and let em rip!

8. James Kirkland vs. Canelo Alvarez: This is an in house promotion with Golden Boy. This fight has a great chance of being made as the pressure for Canelo to step it up now is high and there’s no hotter fight at 154 than this.

9. Marcos Maidana vs Ortiz-Berto winner: Marcos has a tough fight against Devon Alexander in Febuary. But if Marcos wins putting him in with either Victor or Andre is a can’t miss classic. If Marcos wins this fight should happen.

10. Tavoris Cloud vs. Jean Pascal: Cloud needs to fight a name fighter and Pascal wants another big fight so this fight should happen. Pascal is more dynamic but Cloud is a better puncher and strong with his come forward style. Seems like a can’t miss action fight.