Boxing In A Tight Circle.

James Toney in his prime was my favorite fighter to study. He was slick and displayed old school defensive skills. Fuck moving straight back. That’s a cardinal sin in boxing. Angles are a lost art. Turning a fighter doesn’t allow them to set and punch. When you cut angles you create openings to counter and punch your opponent. Tying up and grappling with a fighter zaps strength. Moving straight back still allows them to seem like the aggressor.

In the amateurs there is no time for such defense unless you are hurt by a punch. Referees disqualify for excessive holding. Holding allows a ref to get to involved in the fight and nobody wants that.

Cutting angles allows you to control your opponent and hit them at will. Boxing in a tight circle doesn’t drain you like running around the ring would. If you are gonna stand in front of your opponent roll and ride with the punches. Roll and fire right back. Rolling doesn’t consume a lot of energy either. This is boxing defined. To hit and not be hit, to evade a punch yet be in position to counter and land a punch. Tying can zap energy. Box smart. Learn how to box in a tight circle and roll with punches. You can own center ring doing this controlling your opponent if they are indeed pressing you. Boxing isn’t running around the ring like it’s a track. It’s not holding to smother a fighter’s punches. That is a tactic.

I loved how James would step around Iran Barkley when they fought and rip into him. A true art. Now watch and learn what angles and rolling can do for you.

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