Weekend Wrap Up: The King Is Crowned.

Andre Ward was the favorite going into the super six boxing tournament and his performance against Carl Froch this past Saturday night was why. Andre is a winning machine. He does the little thing very well that he’s automatic. He’s a pure bred. He knows how to win as he hasn’t lost a fight since he was 11 years old!

Froch was game but was out classed. Andre nutralized Froch’s strengths with his quickness, speed, and akwardness. Andre connected cleanly on several power shots and I was amazed to see Froch not get KTFO. The bloke is tough and dtermined and he must be applauded for that. Froch beat some damn good fighters in the Super Six Tournament. He just didn’t fight anyone that had anywhere the ring IQ of Ward.

Ward and Barry Hunter have some very special. They know the ring very well. They know how to take comand and keep it. Ward’s ring generalship is special and should be studied by young fighters. He precise timing and seemingly knowing when his opponent is about to do something as well. I gave Froch two rounds at best. 115-113 was absurd!

Great fighters step up in big fights and although Ward didn’t KO Froch, he dominated him damn near every round in his convincing win.

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