Boxing Strength Exercise Q/A: Pull Up Tips.

Yo Rob
I was thinking today, how come I can do dips but havent been able to do a pull up in years, seems like i am lifting the same weight with both excercises right?

Besides that thought I was looking for a few good excercises I can do that could help me get going on the pull up bar again. I imagine too just getting in better shape and loosing some wieght will aslo help. Rob

Rob, Different muscle groups is why. Your triceps/shoulders are strong enough to help you dip, pull ups are hard, your lats,traps, and biceps may be too weak to pull up. Use a jump stretch band to help assist you with pull ups, choke the band around the pull up bar and placee one knee in the open end. The band will assist you up in the concentric portion of the exercise. How much help depends on the size of the band you use.They work great! Start with a strong one and wean yourself off to lighter and lighter ones till you can do bodyweight pull ups. Then you can start to externaly load yourself with resistance like weight vests. Yes losing weight will help, getting stonger with the help of the jump stretch band will help more so.

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