Nov 30 2011

Boxing Training Defense Tip.

I was working with a couple of my heavyweights tonight during their sparring drills and one bad habit that kept occurring was their chins popping up in the air. That leaves the door open for that heavy shot to land. You simply take that shot a away by tucking your chin.

Easier said than done for some fighters. In a fight a fighter can be dominating he fight but if the fighter has a bad habit of leaving his chin in the air he leaves the door open to get caught and KO’d. That would be a painful lesson to experience. Don’t take that for granted hide your chin when punching so your opponent doesn’t get lucky. Don’t make it easy for him. Now learn how to hide your chin using this simple training tool in this video clip.

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Nov 29 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Steady Growth & New Champ.

Canelo Alvarez keeps growing more and more each fight. Sure Kermit Cintron wasn’t an A+ fighter but he was a former world champion with world class experience. Canelo dominated Cintron in every round dropping him with a hard right hand in round four and finishing him heavy punches in round five as the ref stepped in.

Canelo called out Mayeather but will benefit from more seasoning. Mayweather has one foot permanent retirement anyways. If Canelo’s managment has patience with him, it will pay off quite handsomely. Besides a bigger fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. looms. That’s a huge fight in Mexico and with more build up a good fight here in the states.

I like Canelo’s body attack and punching power. He gets good leverage on his punches from his strong punching stance. With improvement in defense, he could make some big noise and be on top for awhile.

Seizing the Moment.

Adrian Broner did what he was supposed to do in Knocking out over matched Martin Rodriguez in the 3rd round to win the WBO title last Saturday night. Broner’s spped, skills, movement, and power were to much for Martin. Martin came out with pressure but roner placed his shots well. Broner is fast and knows the ring well. I’m not a huge fan of his show boating but I give him props for icing a fighter he was supposed to ice in exciting fashion.

Broner looks to have the skill set that will allow him to linger for awhile. We don’t know much about is chin and toughness yet though. We will see what he’s really made of when he steps up is competition. It will either make him better or break him but I suspect the former will happen.

Props to Cincinnati for it’s first title fight in 10 years. Cinci is a great boxing city. With Broner a new champion more title fights will be coming back soon.

Nov 21 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Getting Better.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. displayed a new dimension to his fight style last Saturday night in his 5th round TKO win over Peter Manfredo. Chavez Jr. boxed and boxed Manfredo very well before he hurt him with that big right hand. Jr’s ring generalship was stellar as he moved side to side in and out controlling the ring and Peter.

Keep in mind Jr. is only 25 and had NO amateur experience. His work with Freddie is starting to pay off as he just isn’t a plodding, slow, lazy puncher anymore. This kid is developing some skills! If he keeps this up in a couple fights I would favor him over Canelo. Jr. is big, tough, has power, and heart. Now that he displayed he can also box, he’s a tough fight for Canelo who has his own issues to iron out.

The snickers and jeers at Julio Jr. are starting to dwindle and deserving so. Give this kid a little more time and he could be far better than many would have ever expected. i for one think he will get much better and I enjoy watching him fight.

Peter said after the fight he’s retiring. Peter was a good fighter. He fought his ass off and was always a class act. I wish him the best in his new endeavors. He was a true blue collar east coast fighter that fought with passion and pride.

His performance deserves an A. There’s lots to work on yet but he’s in great hands with Freddie Roach.


I LOVED the Cotto-Margarito 24/7! Cotto’s proof of Margarito’s loaded wraps is hard to argue. Antonio is playing the villain well with his body language and how he dresses. Cotto hates this dude and the tension is real. I’m looking forward to each episode and of course the fight!

Face Off

I love Cotto-Margarito Face Off even more. Damn these guys hate each other! Check it out.

Nov 16 2011

MMA Hard Core Circuit Conditioning Workout.

Mma fighters, Think you’re in shape? Try this circuit and let me know what you think.

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