Oct 10 2011

Boxing Workout Tip: Improve Punching Power With This Exercise.

The body functions best in ideal posture. Many experienced boxers display a pronated and flexed posture. Fighters can increase their punching power by using this corrective exercise for improving static posture and performance.

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Oct 5 2011

Boxing Training Notes: Growth Spurt

We have hit all the big tournaments up this year and have done very well. Several of my fighters have grown leaps and bounds just within a year. It’s about competition. Plain and simple. Fighting the best forges the fighter into the best they can be and soon will be. NO amount of gym work and sparring can do that alone.

Some gyms are afraid to fight at the big tournaments. They are afraid of losing. They are afraid of taking risks. That’s bullshit and growth is stunted from that mindset.

If you wanna be the best you have to compete with the best. Certainly you want to get better in the gym and in sparring but fighting at all the big tournaments along with the improvement in the gym will allow the fighter to grow at a blistering pace.

Competition sharpens the fighter. it adds swag and desire. It hardens and shapes them into what they soon will become from their efforts. That is the award from taking the risks. But to those of us that compete a lot. The risks are small compared to long term awards.

Oct 1 2011

“Maravilla” Martinez: Not Enough.

Tonight Sergio Martinez faces “Dazzling” Darren Barker in a who gives a shit fight. I have never seen Barker fight nor I suspect have many of you. Now I agree taking this fight is better than Sergio waiting for the big one; I just don’t understand why he doesn’t fight more until the big fight materializes.

It has to do with open HBO dates. Twice a year is not good enough to promote Sergio’s brilliant talent. It’s not enough to leave a lasting impression in front of fans. It’s not enough to build Sergio into the huge attraction his talent demands.

Pacquiao and Mayweather aren’t fighting Sergio. Martinez has no desire to fight at the flooded with talent 168lb. division. So that leaves him with positioning for a unification fight with Felix Sturm as one of the big fights at middleweight. Martinez isn’t getting Cotto, but could probably land a Margarito fight if Antonio beats Cotto in December. But at middleweight the fight is Sturm. A mega fight NO. Outside of Germany few America fans know Sturm. Hardcore fans know he got robbed against De La Hoya but that’s it.

Martinez has done shit to capitalize on his chilling KO of Paul Williams. It doesn’t help Sergio that Paul is pretty much a shot fighter and that rematch will never be made. So with few big drawing dance partners available, why doesn’t Sergio fight more often?

You would think a Argentinian homecoming fight could be made. That hasn’t happened. So why hasn’t promoter Dibella done a better job of moving, positioning, and keeping Martizez active to be the blockbuster attraction he has the looks, charisma, and fighting style to be? Someone please answer that because I would very much like to know.

Sergio should beat Barker easy tonight but then what? The more infrequent Sergio fights the farther in the past his sensational KO of Paul Williams seems and the more fans forget about Martinez.

Maravilla. Really?, since when?