Oct 26 2011

Boxing Footwork Conditioning Drill.

Here’s an old video clip I have on youtube on a great way to build leg endurance. This is a great piece of equipment to use to help work through and recover sore ankles and knees as well. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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Oct 19 2011

Boxing Power Training Q/A: Anti Olympic Lifts?

Why don’t you use many Olympic lifts? I’m not being a critic, I’m trying to learn how to strength train for boxing, and I just transferred over from competitive Olympic Lifting. I don’t want to include Snatches or Clean and Jerks´╗┐ if this going to hurt me. Thanks, Mark

I don’t use Olympic lifts because in boxing the power comes from the legs, lats, and a lot from core and hip rotation. I feel medicine balls throws, jumps, jumps squats, lunge jumps etc are better tools and exercises to develop explosive power in boxers.

Look at the bio mechanics of a punch. I would much rather use medicine balls as a far more versatile tool in developing power in the different primal patterns of boxing than Olympic lifts. Olympic lifts are harder to teach, take time to be proficient in and chances are injury are higher.

Time is precious for a boxer to train for strength/power. Medicine balls and other plyometric exercises like depth jump push ups, lunge jumps, rotational medicine ball throws are easier to teach and I feel they transfer better and faster to a boxer.

I’m not anti Olympic lifts. I just want to use the most practical and efficient tools and training means possible. I don’t feel Olympic lifts offer that for my fighters. Fighter’s shoulders and elbows get beat up in the gym and sparring. I don’t want to add to it by them catching power cleans or performing high pulls.

After watching a spectacular KO punch and seeing the leg drive ( lunge pattern, hip and trunk rotation, with a bit of a push/pull pattern thinking of using a snatch or power clean just makes you think why?

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Oct 17 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: No Bluffing This Time.

Wow, Hopkins-Dawson ended in a bizarre and questionable ending with Dawson throwing Bernard to the canvas and Bernard not being able to continue due to a shoulder injury. So referee Pat Russell awarded Dawson with a TKO victory.

Hopkins has cried, pissed, and moaned in so many fights before that the ref thought it was the same old shit. Hopkins can be a great actor displaying excellent drama but it appears his injury last Saturday night was real.

After the fight Hopkins was taken to the California Hospital Medical Center where he was diagnosed with a separation of the acromioclavicular (A-C) joint, which connects the collar bone and shoulder blade.

Golden Boy has filed a protest with the WBC and President Jose Sulliman expects a decision by the end of the week.

I think the ruling should be overturned by their review. It’s just hard to believe Hopkins antics but in this case it was real and a real disappointing ending to the fight. Let them fight again and let Dawson earn the title this time.

Oct 14 2011

Hopkins-Dawson Breakdown. Everything But The Fire.

Tomorrow night Bernard Hopkins defends his WBC light heavyweight title against a fighter that has the tools but the killer drive to be what he should be in a fighter. Dawson has the speed, athleticism, structure, and style to be a terror in the light heavyweight division. He has it all but that gritty fighter mentality.

With that I think Bernard will use his slick guile to offset Dawson’s physical gifts. Mentally Hopkins is far superior. Understanding boxing Hopkins is far superior. Yes Hopkins is far older but the dude knows how to get it done. Dawson hasn’t wowed anyone for some time. He just doesn’t seem to be as good as many feel he can be and should be. That is a problem in a fight against an old master like Bernard. That leaves windows open for Bernard to do his thing by out witting and out thinking Dawson.

I think Bernard will exploit Chad’s limited desire out win a boring but effective fight by his stellar ring general ship and timing. Chad has been talking a lot but as is known, actions speak louder than words and Chad’s recent actions in fights make you believe he should be speaking as a mime.

Enjoy this fight which will be hard to watch and enjoy at plenty of times.