Sep 28 2011

Boxing Training Q/A: Battle Of Intensity.

Rob, what you think is more tiring punching a heavy bag as hard as you can with gloves or shadow boxing with 3lb hand weights and punching as hard as you can with those? Thanks, Codeman

You are punching against resistance on the heavy bag. But the the intensity will depend on the size of the heavy bag as well. If you are hitting a 200lb bag all out, that is intense. It will suck the energy right out of you.

As far as shadow boxing with 3lb weights it depends how strong you are and what kind of shape you are in. Even though you have small weights in your hands there is only so much intensity you can out into that. When you are smoking a heavy-bag and punching against a big resistance you will really drain yourself cause you are trying to move a big bag. They have different feels. Make sense?

Sep 26 2011

George Benton Tribute.

George Benton was a tough Philly fighter who displayed old school classic boxing skills in the ring. He turned pro at the age of 16 and beat future world champions Jimmy Ellis, Freddie Litte and Joey Giardello. Benton was the #1 ranked middleweight in the early 1960’s and after he beat Giardello he thought he was going to get a title shot. Lou Duva Giardello’s manager screwed George out of that shot as he admitted to George years later.

George was never knocked down in seventy six fights and was stopped just twice on cuts to Luis Manuel Rodriquez and Bennie Brisco after George failed to come out for the final round. George had a pro record of 62-13-1 (37 KOs). He really understood the sweet science and knew how to fight.

His career ended in 1970 after being shot in the back from a neighborhood thug that tried to pick his sister up in a bar. Georg’s brother laid hands on the gunman and the gunman vowed to put a Benton family member in the ground as he tried and shot George in the back.

George then began as an apprentice to legendary genius trainer Eddie Futch. George soaked it all in and was in the corner of Ali-Frazier III and Spinks-Ali. George devised the fight plan that Leon used to upset Ali that night. George was also a genius trainer and excellent corner man.

Ironically George worked for the man’s family that screwed him out of his title shot in Lou Duva’s family Main Events promotion. There George worked with and taught the sweet science to their stable of fighters. Known for his quiet demeanor, the “Professor” imparted his boxing knowledge to such fighters as Rocky Lockridge, Evander Holyfield, Johnny Bumphus, Mike McCallum, Meldrick Taylor, and his prized masterpiece Pernell Whitaker.

In 1989 & 1990 George received the Futch-Condon Award for “Trainer of the Year” by the Boxing Writers Association of America. He was the lead trainer for Main Events for 17 years. He was a quite, classy gentleman and was called the professor by his fighters.

You younger fans out there today better believe George was the truth unlike some of today’s boastful, ignorant, and classless trainers you see on HBO 24/7 claiming how great they are for producing only ONE very good fighter.

George impacted everyone that was blessed by his gracious teaching of the sweet science. You see that’s what made him special. He was a damn good fighter but he could also teach what he knew in the gym and communicate between rounds what he saw during the fight clearly to his fighters.

He could devise brilliant fight strategies and allow a fighter to adapt between rounds. That is rare in boxing today. George will be missed in more ways than one and his classy impact he left on boxing never forgotten. RIP Champ & Teacher.

Now watch, listen, and learn from the Professor.

Here is some footage of his 2nd round KO of Johnny Smith.

Sep 22 2011

9 of the Worst Boxing Injuries of All Time.

An interesting list. Some memorable fights both good and bad. This is why boxing is dubbed the theater of the unexpected. Check out the list here.

Sep 19 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Legal Sucker Punch.

Mayweather-Ortiz was a HUGE let down and melt down of Victor. Victor just can’t handle the big stage as he punked out to Floyd head butting him then hugging and kissing him until getting KO’d by a legal sucker punch. Bizarre behavior from such a young unstable mind. I thought Ortiz was better than that and damn was I wrong.

The corrupt and I’m proud of it Joe Cortez was again took his part in loosing control of a fight. This dude is bad news. Fucking horrible and despicable. My he is allowed to ref in huge fights I have no idea when his track record of performances proves he’s shit. He took his eyes of the fight and he’s ass much to blame for the fight ending the way it did as Floyd and Victor are.

Floyd did what he had to do and landed that legal sucker punch. It was legal what he did but no sportsmanship at all. That’s Floyd and how he’s defined. He saw his chance and took it.

Lets see if he will finally take his as in the ring with Pacauio provided Manny beats Marquez. Floyd must fight Pacquiao or Martnez or stay reired for good. There’s no one else left to fight.


Canelo Alvarez started slow and looked sluggish against Alfonso Gomez. Gomez fought hard and smart and the fight was almost even before the stoppage. Canelo was landing the harder blows and he landed some wicked ones but he fought lazy and his defense wasn’t good. I don’t like the shoulder roll he was using and I feel he fights too tall at times. Canelo can whack though and has very fast hands. I thought the stoppage was a tad fast but Canelo was about to seriously hurt Gomez. Gomez couldn’t handle Canelo’s power and speed. I loved Canelo’s upper cuts and body work.

I think canelo will develop more and just needs more fights like these. He’s only 21 but he is champion so his opposition is going to be better. If he can tighten up his defense and fight off the balls of his feet more he’s going to really good for some time and be a big attraction for boxing. Boxing needs fighters like Canelo who fight hard and with class.