Aug 14 2011

Boxing Training Tips: Corrective Exercise.

Here’s a simple but very effective corrective exercise my buddy James Smith came up with. Check him out in this clip and try this exercise as part of your warm up before strength training or as a corrective exercise at the end of your strength routine.

Boxers often develop week thoracic extensors and rhomboids. This exercise will strengthen those weaknesses.

The first clip is the set up clip. The second one is the corrective exercise.

train harder and longer by keeping you body in balance.

Aug 10 2011

Louie Simmons Talking Strength-Power-Conditioning- For Fighters.

Here’s an old clip I did with Louie in my old gym. Great points and overlooked training factors. Enjoy.

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Aug 8 2011

Class in Session.

Some of you may have seen this clip already but it is a brilliant breakdown by Bernard Hopkins on how to set up and take away punches. Bernard knows boxing. He dispalys all the little things that pay BIG dividends in the ring. Watch this clip and learn what a lot of fighters and trainers over look in boxing today.

Boxing is far more than getting in shape and throwig punches. It’s strategy, technique, knowing how to shut down your oponents strengths. it’s a science and watch Bernard break the sciene of boxing down.

Aug 3 2011

Q/A: Conditioning-Tapering Tips.

Rob I would like to know please , how many times would you use a prowler per week 2 or 3 times. How many weeks before a fight would you stop using it? (would it be 10 days to 2 weeks, before a fight) Thanks, Lisa

Lisa, Two or three is fine. Fighers get bored with stale conditioning so if they put more effort in using the prowler than they do when they perform running drills… Use it.

You can switch up the distance, intensity, and ways to use the prowler to keep it fresh and stimulating. We used the push/pull sled ( similiar to the prowler ) tonight at my gym in this heat and my fighters loved it. I cycle it in a few days a week to keep them driven.

I would taper 10 days from a fight cutting the volume/intesity down. The prowler can be pushed briskly for low impact so it’s ok to use a week before to condition or even to help cut weight. That’s better than having your fighter beat the shit out of his joints running on pavement all the time. Click here For more boxing conditioning workout tips.