Justice is Served.

Last Saturday night incompetent Ref Russell Mora failed to deduct a point from Abner Mares after a count of 40 + low blows to Joseph Agbeko!! Mora actually called the last devastating low blow to Agbeko a knockdown when it was clear on replay that it was ANOTHER low blow!

This was a good fight marred by uncalled frequent fouls that stalled the momentum Agbeko was making in the middle rounds. A dramatic ending was on the way but taken away by Mares’ fouls and Mora’s unethical judgement. Fouls aside Mares fought a good fight as did Agbeko when he was coming on late but it makes you think how much Agbeko could have performed if not being constantly hit in the balls. Those that fight or have fought know how much those south of the border blows take away steam and vigor.

Jim Grey grilled Mora’s ass after the fight and the idiotic ref acted fucking clueless. Look, it’s fair to be this hard on such a dismal performance by Mora. Keep in mind that he kept warning Michael Katsidis for his perfectly LEGAL blows in his fight against Robert Guererro that they were low!

The NJ Athletic Commission suspended a couple of dunce judges in the Lara-Williams robbery. Lets hope Mora is reviewed for his stupidity by the Nevada Athletic Commission and gets the suspension he well earned.

Keep in mind that IF that point was taken from Mares and that low blow shot not called a knockdown Agbeko would have kept his title with a draw! This is simply no reason or room for a ref to fail to act of such obvious fouls in a championship fight.

The only good news out of this mess is that the IBF has ordered an immediate rematch and that mares cannot take a fight before this rematch. Don King ( Agbeko’s promoter ) & Golden Boy ( Mares’ ) must come to an agreement for the fight within 30 days or it ends up in a purse bid.

Better news yet is that the dip shit acting as a ref in Mora will not be involved!

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