2011 Ringside World Tournament Wrap Up.

First off, I’m very proud of how Brian, Chrissy, Mike, Joaquin, and Ronnie fought at the Ringside. Chrissy lacy is gaining incredible experience having fought two top two fighters int he Nation the last 3 weeks. She WILL be ranked in the top at 132lbs this year, my other open fighters will be too.

Brian Holstein fought his ass off taking runner up in a fight he was winning when an incompetent ref disqualified him for holding, Brian was not as his style is pure aggression. The head official agreed with me and said no points should have been taken away yet alone Brian disqualified! This is part of boxing though. We know this. Runner up is good but not good enough for us.

Mike Goins and Joaquin Lebron fought their asses off, Joaquin’s fight could have gone either way. Mike’s fight was extremely close. He lost to the fighter who won it all. Ronnie fought hard but lacked experience. All of them have been growing fast and will continue to as we fight at all the big tournaments. I love working with them as they are all hungry, train & fight their asses off. They are going to make very solid pros from all the big tournament they have been fighting in, many fight shows and winning in both of them. I love working with real fighters as I’m also excited about my new crop of up and coming amateurs making their debuts soon.

Minus the officials, we had a great time and my fighters gained invaluable experience against very good opposition. No rest for us as we are fighting in the James Toney Invitational Tournament this weekend. With the National Pal tournament coming in October. We will all keep improving do much better as it’s back to work in the gym. We got titles to win!

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