Aug 30 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Povetkin & Helenius Handle Their Buisness.

Alexander Povetkin started fast and well against Ruslan Chagaev, but Chagaev came back strong in the 5th and 6th rounds rocking Alexander. I thought this was a pretty decent fight to watch. Povetkin gutted it out and came back to dominate the later rounds. He proved his will and hunger.

Povetkin is the new WBA regular champion, I know I know what the fuck does that mean!

Povetkin’s jab has gotten better with Teddy Atlas. He has fast hands and throws a nice assortment of combos. I would like to see him work the body more.

Defensively he lacks lateral movement. He moves straight back and can be too stationary. More head movement will be needed if he can’t use his feet that well.

I think he is better than he fought that night he just needs more activity. There is talk of him fighting in December against Evander ” Grandpa Holyfield ” I know I know, smh. why?!

Povetkin is not ready for wither Klitschko. He could reign long post Klitschko though unless Helenius keeps improving as fast as he is.

Nordic Nightmare.

Robert Helenius KO’d another former champion in Siarhei Liakhovich. Siarhei started well against Robert but broke his nose in the 2nd round having trouble breathing until the end. Both fighters traded and landed heavy clean punches. Robert’s power was too much though as he KO’d Siarhei in the 9th round.

That’s the 3rd former world champion Robert has beat. He’s 16-0 and he’s moving up well and fast. If he can improve his defense and not fight so rigid he can be a force. He’s too upright and has poor upper body movement. Adding a good defensive American trainer would help and speed his development even faster.

Roberts fast hands and precise punching impressed me when he KO’d Siarhei. He has legit KO power and is very strong. He has the height and size to do something post Klitschko as well. We have to keep an eye on him and judging by his past performances, this shouldn’t be too hard.

Aug 27 2011

Boxing Tips: Corner Notes.

Corner work is an art that takes time to master. There is a big difference between being a good trainer and an excellent corner man. Time is precious in the corner as there’s only one minute. Instructions¬† must be on point yet not wasted.

I just heard some of the most brilliant overlooked advice today at the James Toney Boxing Tournament from a coach ( Derri Riley) I’ve known since I was 17 years old. The work has been done. The plan has been laid pre fight. Relax you can’t teach a fighter to fight before, during,¬† or in between rounds. Guide them and direct them to make the necessary adjustments to win that’s it, be calm and coach. Emotions cannot get the best of the corner man which takes discipline.

Some of my fighters make me go crazy in the corner sometimes. That’s not good. Time is wasted. Time should be spent guiding and adjusting the fighter to the tempo and reality of the fight. Again, this is an art that takes time and I’m trying to master it myself and I have a LONG way to go.

That’s one of the benefits of being at the big tournaments and fight shows. Knowledge trickles off the tongues of some savvy trainers at opportune times and it’s precious to be there in that moment to lap it up.

That advice stuck with me today and will for some some time.

I love boxing.

Aug 22 2011

2011 Ringside World Tournament Wrap Up.

First off, I’m very proud of how Brian, Chrissy, Mike, Joaquin, and Ronnie fought at the Ringside. Chrissy lacy is gaining incredible experience having fought two top two fighters int he Nation the last 3 weeks. She WILL be ranked in the top at 132lbs this year, my other open fighters will be too.

Brian Holstein fought his ass off taking runner up in a fight he was winning when an incompetent ref disqualified him for holding, Brian was not as his style is pure aggression. The head official agreed with me and said no points should have been taken away yet alone Brian disqualified! This is part of boxing though. We know this. Runner up is good but not good enough for us.

Mike Goins and Joaquin Lebron fought their asses off, Joaquin’s fight could have gone either way. Mike’s fight was extremely close. He lost to the fighter who won it all. Ronnie fought hard but lacked experience. All of them have been growing fast and will continue to as we fight at all the big tournaments. I love working with them as they are all hungry, train & fight their asses off. They are going to make very solid pros from all the big tournament they have been fighting in, many fight shows and winning in both of them. I love working with real fighters as I’m also excited about my new crop of up and coming amateurs making their debuts soon.

Minus the officials, we had a great time and my fighters gained invaluable experience against very good opposition. No rest for us as we are fighting in the James Toney Invitational Tournament this weekend. With the National Pal tournament coming in October. We will all keep improving do much better as it’s back to work in the gym. We got titles to win!

Aug 17 2011

Justice is Served.

Last Saturday night incompetent Ref Russell Mora failed to deduct a point from Abner Mares after a count of 40 + low blows to Joseph Agbeko!! Mora actually called the last devastating low blow to Agbeko a knockdown when it was clear on replay that it was ANOTHER low blow!

This was a good fight marred by uncalled frequent fouls that stalled the momentum Agbeko was making in the middle rounds. A dramatic ending was on the way but taken away by Mares’ fouls and Mora’s unethical judgement. Fouls aside Mares fought a good fight as did Agbeko when he was coming on late but it makes you think how much Agbeko could have performed if not being constantly hit in the balls. Those that fight or have fought know how much those south of the border blows take away steam and vigor.

Jim Grey grilled Mora’s ass after the fight and the idiotic ref acted fucking clueless. Look, it’s fair to be this hard on such a dismal performance by Mora. Keep in mind that he kept warning Michael Katsidis for his perfectly LEGAL blows in his fight against Robert Guererro that they were low!

The NJ Athletic Commission suspended a couple of dunce judges in the Lara-Williams robbery. Lets hope Mora is reviewed for his stupidity by the Nevada Athletic Commission and gets the suspension he well earned.

Keep in mind that IF that point was taken from Mares and that low blow shot not called a knockdown Agbeko would have kept his title with a draw! This is simply no reason or room for a ref to fail to act of such obvious fouls in a championship fight.

The only good news out of this mess is that the IBF has ordered an immediate rematch and that mares cannot take a fight before this rematch. Don King ( Agbeko’s promoter ) & Golden Boy ( Mares’ ) must come to an agreement for the fight within 30 days or it ends up in a purse bid.

Better news yet is that the dip shit acting as a ref in Mora will not be involved!