Weekend Wrap Up: Ring Generalship At Its Finest.

Khan beat Judah’s ass all over the ring last Saturday night. It wasn’t even close. I’m ashamed to have given Zab a good chance of winning. Zab quit, he punked out and represented Brooklyn wrong!

Props to Khan for fighting a brilliant fight. Freddie Roach laid a perfect fight plan out and Khan executed that fight plan to near perfection.

I was impressed with how Amir took control of the ring; he made Zab fight on his terms. His jab was good and his right hand even better. He moved wisely away from Judah’s powerful left hand.

Khan looked like a mature fighter in the ring that night. He didn’t allow Zab to get back in the fight. When Zab would land one nice shot, Khan took back control. That’s a smart and good fighter. Understanding pace, distance, tempo, and where he’s at in the fight.

Khan has a great trainer and teacher in Freddie. He is coming near completion of a well rounded fighter. Both their dedication to each other and their understanding of boxing is proof of this.

Boxing is more than throwing punches. Khan displayed that. He’s doing the little things very well and seizing control of the ring. His ring generalship that night should be studied.

Khan gets an A+ for that dominant performance.

I for one would love to see Amir rematch Maidana. If he shuts down Marcos this time, talk of P4P is due.

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