Gym Notes: Get Active.

My heavyweight Brian Holstein won his second fight in a row at the Ohio State Fair Boxing Tournament last night. He fights in the championship tomorrow. I like what I saw out of him as he is coming into his own in the ring. We are always perfecting in training and correcting weaknesses. The one thing that really has been speeding up his growth in the ring-and that of several other fighters in my gym- is activity.

We fight a lot. We fight all over in fight shows and all the big tournaments. Slowly but surely this pays off and fighters grow at a faster rate. Being great in the gym is one thing. That’s called being a great gym fighter. Being a very good fighter in front of a live crowd is another thing- that’s called real.

Activity pays off. You may have losses along the way but steady activity allows you to find yourself and your ring identity. Once you develop that awareness and experience, the wins start flowing as you begin to blossom into the very fighter you trained to be in the gym.

So get out there and fight!

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