Jul 19 2011

Q/A: Mma Striking-Defense Tips.

I have a question for some defense tips. I’m 6′ 3″ and about 145lb. Only 16 years old and I haven’t had much of a chance to fill out my waist yet. I started working out at the beginning of my summer break and now I recently got into MMA. One of the main things I feel I need to work on is defense. I can punch decent when I see the chance but with defense I find I absorb to many shots. I need to practice rolling with the shots. What I was wondering is if you could tell me when Peek-a-Boo would be a good idea for me? If someone is trying to right or left hook to my face would it be better to PaB? And if someone was throwing a straight R or L would I Roll with it or Duck?

Three things you need to work on here for striking defense.

1. Head movement. Move your head if you want to avoid getting caught with a jab or right hand. You can learn to counter off that head movement too. Mike Tyson did that very well. Here’s a clip of the maize ball use this to improve your head movement quickly.

2-3. Roll & Slip Under. You can roll with hooks and body shots also. In boxing, James Toney did it very well. You will be very hard to hit if you master this. Slip under hooks and counter. Again, Mike Tyson was brilliant at this. You can drill this with a training partner and pick up speed to mimick fighting speed. You can also use a simple but very effective training tool in this slip here. Let me know if you need anything else.

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Jul 14 2011

Boxing Training Tips: Growth Spurts From Quality Sparring.

I love what former Super Middleweight World Champion Chris Eubank had to say about the importance of boxing sparring.

“I bet I sparred more than any fighter in history. I sparred 50 or 60 rounds a week for seven years, and then 125 rounds for a championship fight, of which there were 27. I probably sparred 25,000 rounds in 15 years, of which every minute of every round contained receiving and throwing dozens of full-contact, full-force punches.

“I didn’t have natural talent, but I had more world title wins than any fighter in the world from 1990 to 1995 and (was) one of the most successful world champions in history, so the proof is in the pudding in regard to sparring importance right there.”

If you want to be the best you can be, you have to spar. But if you spar and you don’t have a dense bone structure in regard to your skull, it will affect your speech and your motorized speed patterns, but that comes with the territory. That’s boxing.

“Boxing won’t affect your intelligence, though. A lot of fighters have the tendency to slur, but that has nothing to do with their intelligence.”

That’s gold. Quality sparring makes you better faster than any mitt work or heavy bag workout. I actually talked to this guy who was training for about 8 months and he was afraid to spar cause he wanted to get better technically first. That’s ridiculous in my opinion! Look, my fighters understand and display the basics before they spar, but why get your ego stroked on the mitts and not do light sparring? How in the fuck is that going to make you better or comfortable in the ring? It won’t and that dude will not be what he wants to be because of that mindset.

It’s very important to match sparring partners properly. Beginners obviously need to work with a fighter who has total control and won’t tee off or humiliate them. Once the beginner gets more comfortable in the ring and it shows the sparring intensity is increased. If the fighter is having problems slow the sparring down or drill the issues they are having out.

To keep progressing as a fighter and not regress, fighters must spar with more experienced fighters with styles they aren’t used too. Bags and mitts cannot offer the same education as quality sparring does. Fighters have different tempos, rhythm, dimensions and dynamics.

It’s ok to make mistakes in the gym, if a fighter has trouble with a certain style OR no experience at all, work it out with sparring. Better to do this than have problems on fight night where the mistakes lead to a costly loss. So if you wanna get better faster spar as many better more experienced fighters as possible so come fight night nothing surprises you.

Jul 11 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: 3 Blind Mice.

Erislandy Lara dominated Paul ” The Punisher?? ” Williams last Saturday night. Defeat was written all over team Williams. EVERYONE saw it but the three blind mice that scored the fight. Lara controlled the tempo and hit Paul at will, he busted him up and really demoralized him. Yet, the three blind mice thought it wasn’t enough.

Bad decisions are part of boxing yes, but scoring like this must be disciplined. This fight was NOT close, NOT competitive. When a fighter is absorbing clean effective blows he’s not winning the fight! If the commission doesn’t sit these 3 stooges down and have them explain their rational, they have no spine. This shit needs to stop happening, better action needs to be taken to prevent this ever so common trend.

Lara wants a rematch. I’ll be shocked if Paul gives him one. The same thing will happen again. If not, Lara deserves big fights at Jr. Middleweight. He will be a hand full for anyone.

I loved how Lara made Paul fight his fight. Lara displayed what fight tempo is, ring generalship, and just owning the ring. Take note of that. He knows what he’s doing in there and it showed. Paul will be KO’d easy by Martinez if they fight again. Does Martinez take that fight after Paul’s performance. The fact is, there’s no other semi big fight out there for them so right now all they have is each other.

Does anybody else just say huh?! After Paul Williams trainer Peterson said they don’t need to change anything? Ah, so fighting with his hands down to his belt line while getting caught with the same repeated punch is all he needs to keep doing to ensure a win?! Well according to the 3 stooges that scored the fight it is.

A+ for Lara. Paul earns D.

Natural Born Killer.

Brandon Rios 3rd round destruction of Urbano Antillon was as a welcomed performance as any. He’s the new killer in boxing. The new can’t miss heavy handed taking risk fighter. He’s what boxing needs at a good time.

He keeps getting better too as he beat Urbano up in the inside and outside. His power, timing, and finishing skills were eye opening. His attitude is what makes him dangerous. He wants to be what he is becoming right now, nothing less but a fucking well skilled beast that will end shit if he has the chance.

That’s a special fighter. He has a very good trainer in Garcia. Great promoter in Arum. He has the drive and hunger to do more and it’s safe to say we can expect more.

lesson in this fight was to take a fighter out of the fight before a fight breaks out. Rios never gave Urbano a chance to establish himself. He took control and ended matters because of it.

Rios gets a shinning A+
Doing It his Way.

Lucian Bute destroyed Frenchman Jean-Paul Mendy via 4th round KO last Saturday night. It was his 8th defense. He looked strong, fast, and good. Bute has a good jab, cracking right hand, and an ever growing fierce body attack. Lesson in this fight was just as it was in the Rios fight. End it before it gets started.

But when is he going to fight somebody? This fall it appears. Pavlik or Kessler may be next. We’ll see how good he really is.

Bute B+

Jul 8 2011

Boxing Training Q/A: Footwork Drills.

Hi Rob i’m pretty new to boxing i have my first amatuer match coming in a little over a month and i really want to improve my footwork can you give me some advice on like what drills and stuff i should do to improve this.

Start with the box drill. Very basic but a must for mastering boxing stance. Power starts from the dround up. better stance will allow better balance and defense. Here’s a clip of the box drilll.

Then just get in the ring and move around on the balls of your feet. Cover the whole ring, get to know every inch of it. Ali would move around over an hour in the ring! You may feel akward at first but you will develop good footwork in time.

Learn how to pivot and cut angles, this is vital for defense. Study fighters like Ali, Pernell Whitacker, Sugar Ray Leonard, Darrin Van Horn, James Toney when he fought Iran barkley. Study their footwork and apply it in your workouts. Study the best to be the best.

Let me know if you need anything else and good luck in your upcoming fight!

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