Battle Of Execution & Corner Men.

Judah-Khan is the biggest fight in the Jr. Welterweight division this year. Where Bradley-Alexander displayed little flair, Judah-Khan should produce fireworks. This is a great summer fight.

Judah and Khan won’t be shy in this fight and both will bring it. While Khan has the advantage in youth, Judah has it with experience. Judah has more power, better defense, and I feel he’s faster than Khan. What Zab has always lacked is consistency. That could get him in trouble against Amir.

Amir’s toughest fight was against Marcos Maidana. He started fast but faded late. He displayed heart and grit though after being hurt bad and fighting back to take control. But, if Maidana’s wild man punches got through Khan’s defense, how’s Khan going to handle Zab’s fast technical heavy shots against a suspect chin he still caries?

This fight comes down to execution. Freddie Roach is brilliant with laying out stellar fight plans. Freddie is facing another brilliant mind and also a fighter who did what he plans to lay out for Zab. Pernell knows how to handle a cat like Amir and shut him down. To me, this is very stimulating to have two brilliant strategists go at it.

Look for Khan to fight a distance fight, keeping Zab on the end of his jab setting up that heavy right hand of his. Khan’s right hand could be key to timing Zab zipping in with his south paw stance. Khan has the technique, dimensions, and speed to cause Zab fits only if he executes.

Zab is going to use his footwork and head movement to stay inside Khan’s jab to land that fast heavy left hand of his. Zab must punch in combinations and not just pop shot to win. You can’t take a title away from a Golden Boy star in the making like that. I think Zab will beat on Khan’s body when he’s on the inside to slow the tempo to his liking. If the tempo is slowed, Zab can take over. If Khan controls the ring and keeps the tempo high, Zab could fade late as he normally does.

Zab has been working successfully with Pernell. Pernell has cleaned up his defense and picked up his consistency a bit. Pernell’s presence alone has improved Zab’s swag. Having a former P4P fighter and 4 division titlist in your corner can only help!

Judah has also been working with Victor Conte. Although Conte has a dark past, the dude knows his shit and understands how to train the better and rest it to make it better. Conte could prove to be the deciding factor in this fight too. Don’t laugh, not being over trained is a HUGE advantage.

So along with execution being a determining factor, the corner’s ability to guide and redirect their fighter will be everything as well. Freddie has Khan’s ear and trust, as does Pernell have Zab’s. If this fight is close and tight like it very well may be, the conditioning coach and corner man/trainer could be getting just as much prise as their fighter.

Execution baby, who ever executes their brilliant trainer’s fight plan is going to win. There will be no room for errors in this highly contested fight.

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