Weekend Wrap Up: Steady Growth.

I liked the growth Canelo Alvarez displayed in his 12th round TKO of Ryan Rhodes last Saturday night. I liked Alvarez’s improved head movement and reflexes. He did not fight stiff, he was loose and viscous with his fast combinations. Canelo is starting to season with his impressive victory over the experienced veteran Rhodes.

Canelo also displayed a well timed upper cut. He didn’t look one dimensional with his ring generalship. If he keeps developing like this, he’s going to be quite good. Some people thought he has already reached his ceiling. I disaree, with more developing fights, he’s goining to be quite the machine.

My girlfriend thinks he’s one of the best offensive boxers fighting today. Manny Pacquiao is still king in my book, but Alvarez is only 20 years old! People need to let this kid grow and slow their roll on their expectations him in huge fights.

Making A Statement.

I’m not a fan of Adrian Broner that’s a fact. I was impressed with his 1 round destruction of Jason Litzau. Broner is a slick counter puncher no doubt, but he’s also a classless ass with his ridicoulous antics. This was a rare highlight reel fight for Broner; he is in fact a boring, cautious, safety-first counter puncher.

I’m not hating on him, he caught Jason with a hard right hand and finished the job. Lets see him in tough again and how he fights before we deem him anything. The jury’s still out in my opinion.

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