Weekend Wrap Up.

Alexander-Matthysse was a pretty damn good fight with some suspense added after the fight while the score cards where read. This was a very close fight and I can see Matthysse winning by a point and I have no problem with Devon getting the nod. A draw would have been very fair too.

Devon started well but faded late under Matthysse’s steady pressure. Devon fights too tight and is short with many of his punches, his defense sucks, and he isn’t strong enough to keep fighters off of him all night. He’s hit a ceiling as it looks as that’s as good as he will get. He has a huge heart and will to win no doubt, and that will be enough to keep him in close fights. He needs to improve technically if he’s to win another World Title which I think he won’t.

Lucas defiantly landed the harder blows but I feel he could have and should have done more. look, he was fighting in Devon’s hometown, and Don King promotes Devon. Lucas had his chance to get Devon up out of there but didn’t. That’s his fault for leaving it up to the judges.

Lucas appears to have more upside. He needs to fight with more sustained urgency though. He has it all but that. Lets see if he finally gets it now and steps on it in his next big fight.

I give Devon and Lucas a B- for their performances in a fight that could have gone either way.

Thunder Cloud!
Tavoris ‘Thunder’ Cloud took care of business by icing Yusaf Mack last Saturday night in workman like fashion retaining his IBF title. Yusaf displayed good lateral movement early but Tavoris stayed with his body attack and that’s what took the fight out of Mack enough for Cloud to KO him.

Cloud could learn to cut the ring off a bit better and tighten up his head movement. All in all though, he keeps improving and what more can you ask for? Ah yes, him in a big fight. Pascal was there watching and if they fight, that’s guaranteed action!

Cloud gets an A+ for his performance.


RIP Nick Charles. A true boxing guy who displayed enormous passion for our sport. A genuine class act that charmed many with his personality and insight. I enjoyed him on Shobox and his work over the years with CNN was stellar too. He will be missed for all that he gave.

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