Throw Back Friday Edition: ” The Body Snatcher ” Mike McCallum

49-5-1 (36 knockouts)

Mike McCallum was a very complete boxer/puncher and excellent technician in his prime. He was a viscous and relentless body puncher as he dubbed himself the body snatcher. He just didn’t attack the body, he systematically broke it down. Study Mike and you’ll see there’s more to a body attack than a couple punches down stairs.

He was a three division champion winning titles in the Junior Middleweight, Middleweight, and Light Heavyweight division. He was a smart fighter as well as savvy. He understood boxing and knew how to break fighters down.

Like Charley Burley though. he was too good for his own good as he never got the big fight with Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, or Duran. Mike beat some damn good fighters. He KO’d the then undefeated Julian Jackson, and beat Milton McCrory, Donald Curry, Sumbu Kalambay, Herol Graham ( to win the WBA Middleweight Championship in 89 ), Micahael Watson, Steve Collins, and Jeff Harding ( to win the WBC Light Heavyweight Championship in 94 ) he also drew with James Toney.

Mike arrived in boxing when he beat McCrory and Curry. From then on, he was a force to be reckoned with as many fighters ducked him. For the four horseman of Hagler. Leonard, Duran and Hearns, Mike was too much risk with little award.

McCallum is some what a forgotten champ today it seems. He had a very successful career that could have been more with higher profile fights. He is to be studied regardless of that. Now watch and learn the Body Snatcher at his best!

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