Jun 17 2011

Raw KO Punching Power: God Given Or Created?

Rob, is power God Given, or can it be made? I know Cus D’amato believed it was God given. However, I notice when I don’t lift and do things like that I do notice a decline and i’m told i’m heavy handed in the gym. Francis

Francis, Great question! I know through experience that you CAN improve power, but TRUE power punchers are born with the attitude/genetic make that delivers that power.

Look at the attitude of some of the most deadly punchers that ever lived, Ernie Shavers, George Foreman, Wilfredo Gomez, Joe Louis, Tommy Hearns, Mike Tyson, Julian Jackson, Terry Norris, Gerald McClellan, and Carlos Zarate to name a few. They were born with that temperament to hurt people in that ring.

You couldn’t have turned Willie Pep or Pernell Whitaker into savage power punchers. Could their power have been improved?, yes, but improvement is far different from a devastating, fight changing, heavy handed, KO puncher.

Speed is power my friend. If you stop training for speed you will get slower and feel the decline. Since you are heavy handed maintain the speed training, cause that’s how the KO’s happen. It’s the punch that’s not seen. Speed delivers that.

We know speed is born from strength, so maintain what you are doing and strive to perfect technique. Study the above power punchers too. Their attitude is addicting. It was said that former power punching Light heavyweight champ Michael Moore used to lock himself in a dark room and watch intense/graphic horror movies and gore films, he fed off of that shit.

So do what you can with what you have, perfect it to the best of your ability, and strive to perfect skill. Get in the ring and trump whatever strengths your opponent may have. That’s what boxing is about. Using what you have well, while shutting down/taking away your opponents strengths and capitalizing on their weaknesses.

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Jun 14 2011

The Right Time.

One of my amateur fighters Micah Branch won the National Title Boxing Tournament last weekend. He’s got close to 60 fights and plans to turn pro in July.

We feel the time is right because of the experience he has gained fighting in my fight shows and National tournaments and now just winning one. The many different styles he has fought on those shows and in those tournaments will benefit him in the pros in a big way.

He’s not a burned out amateur fighter with over 200 fights, he doesn’t have that international style that doesn’t translate to the pros, he is fresh and has gained the experience to serve him in the pros.

Sure he hasn’t won an Olympic gold medal, he’s won several Golden Glove championships, he’s won the Arnold Classic Tournament, and now the national Title Boxing Tournament- he’s beaten some pretty good fighters to win those championships.

Micah has more of a pro style than that pitty pat amateur boxing style; he can only go so far in the amateurs and we feel he has gone far enough.

My point in this post? If you have an amateur fighter that’s wants to eventually turn pro, you have to know when to make that switch so as not to burn them out with too many fights or make them a very good amateur fighter that won’t make a good pro. Fighting in many different fight shows in state and out of state and fighting in all the big tournaments you can will mold a fighter ready for the pros.

If you have a fighter that wants to try and make it to the Olympics, the path and plan is obviously different. There have been fighters with little amateur experience that have won world titles and had great pro careers, but the numbers are few, the amateurs are a great breeding grounds for fighters. If you and the fighter do it right, depending on the goal, the jump to the pros can be quite successful.

Jun 8 2011

Q/A: How To Correct Breaking Boxing Stance.

Coach Rob i am having problem with staying in my orginal stance when i am sparring when im hitting tha mitts and on tha bag i do everything right but when i sparr it seems like im always switching stance cause i dont wanna give my guy a chance to get tha upper hand on me … i wanna stop doing this but i just dont know how and i wanna fix it before i get caught with a big shot

Dwayne this is a mental issue. You need to perform drills to correct this. It won’t happen overnight but it can be done. If you are confident parrying, slipping, blocking, and rolling with punches, why would you think switching your stance is effective defense?

Drill and master parrying drills, slipping, rolling, and blocking drills with a partner in a controled setting to gain the confidence of staying in your proper stance. Switching up your footwork is nonsense, master your original stance, mastering the above drills will give you the defensive confidence to not break your stance and to defend yourself properly.

Drill that bad habit out!

Let me know how this works for you and if you need anything else.​

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Jun 6 2011

Weekend Wrap Up.

Chavez Jr. earned his new WBC middleweight title last Saturday night in beating Sebastian Zbik in a close, grueling fight winning a majority decision. Zbik was better than expected winning the early rounds but Chavez invested wisely in a brutal body attack that had Zbik wincing and breathing hard in the late rounds. This enabled Jr. to walk him down landing the harder blows.

Give Chavez JR. props, Zbik came to fight and pushed a very taxing pace, Chavez won this fight in the gym displaying outstanding conditioning to out last Zbik late. He was wise to hire Roach as Freddie has Chavez looking better along with that great sparring at Wildcard, this kid could improve more. He need to work on his defense, and then controlling the distance and not smothering his punches as much while also being on the outside not getting hit with garbage shots.

I like how Chavez was stepping around to punch Zbik in the latter rounds. Jr. grew in this fight, and although he may never be a great fighter and anything close like his father, he proved he is a hungry and good fighter with that performance. A+

Doing It The Old Fashion Way.

Carl Froch displayed plenty of grit and toughness in the early rounds of his fight with Glen Johnson. He needed that again in the 8th which can be round of the year so far as Glen landed some hard bombs on Froch. As was the story of the fight, Froch fought right back landing his own blistering combos to take back the momentum.

Glen just came up short again in yet another close fight. A fair score for the fight is 115-113 Froch. Froch rose yet again to another level in this fight and he is a VERY live dog when he fights Ward. Froch has been forged by the tough opposition he has faced, Pascal, Taylor, Abraham, Kessler, Dirrell, and Johnson ALL made him better and the fighter he is now.

Will he rise yet again to another level against Ward? I think so. Froch deserves an A+ for yet again another brilliant performance.

He’s Back.

Mikkel Kessler looked brilliant and sharp in stopping Mehdi Bouadla in the 6th round Saturday night in Denmark.

Bouadla was simply out gunned by Kessler. Kesler found his rhythm and just busted Bouadla up with strong/crisp right hands. Mikkel became the first fighter to stop Bouadla and heads into a fall showdown with the untested champion Lucain Bute.

Based on how sharp Kessler looked and with the experience he has in big fights against very good opposition, this is a pick em fight. A+ for Kesslers great performance.