May 11 2011

Who Should Pacquiao Fight Next?

Here’s my short list of opponents for Manny. Who would you like to see Pacquiao fight next? Who’s the best choice for his next fight?

1. Juan Manuel Marquez. If this fight is made at 140lbs, Marquez is a very live dog. Lots of people thought he beat Pacquiao in there last fight. 145 and above, Marquez isn’t the same.

2. Zab Judah. Why? Well because… Zab stretched former IBF champion Mabuza, looked GREAT with Pernell training him, has plenty of big fight experience, is a former undisputed welterweight champ beating a prime Cory Spinks, was beating Floyd for 5 rounds straight. Zab is focused as a born …again Christian, he still has very fast hands, defense with Pernell has been taken to anew level, and he proved he still has one punch what the fuck just happaned power in knocking out Mabuza.

3. Tim Bradley. He’s beaten everyone in front of him. Yes I know knowbody of Pacquiao’s caliber but Tim comes to fight, is young and very dtermined. Hemay be outclassed by Manny, but Tim would come to fight, not to touch gloves.

Of course THE fight to make is Mayweather but Mayweather being as reluctant as he is sucks. This is a meag fight that would be a travesty if never made. With Pacquiao looking slower and less productive against Mosley, lets hope Floyd has a change of heart. Boxing and the fans need this fight!!

May 9 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Nice Guys Do Finish Last.

Talk about a let down this past Saturday night. What was thought to be a decent fight turned into two guys touching gloves more than landing power shots. Shane Mosley didn’t fight with pasion,he fought scared and he fought to survive.

After dropping Shane hard in the 3rd, it was over,that took all the drive out of Shane.

Manny did look flat, but when you have a fighter in Mosley trying to survive and not engage, you’re going to look bad. Arum better match Pacquiao tougher or he’s going to get him beat by having a let down. manny is looking slower and less dynamic, he’s not being challenged lately and when he does fight a guy that brings it with passion, he could be in big trouble. Arum musn’t make the mistake of dulling Manny’s desire and skills by matching him with guys that he doesn’t really get up for and who pose little risk.

Shane gets an F for that pathetic performance and he’s hurting his legacy with the dreadful performances he’s put in against Mayweather and Pacquiao. Retire now dude.

Pacquiao gets a B- for his lackluster performance. He complaned of his legs being tight but I fell he could have gotten Mosley up out of there if he really wanted too.

A Ghost Of Himslef.

Kelly Pavlik displayed some aweful ring rust early against Alfonso Lopez. He pulled out a close one and I wouldn’t have been mad at a draw. Lopez came to fight and made a good account of himself. Kelly lacked power and fire. Ring rust or flame out? We need to see more, but judging this performance. He’s got no shot against the top super middleweights. Kelly needs to display that power, hunger, drive, and mean streak he had when first becoming a champion or else it over!

Stole The Show.

Jorge Arce became a three division champ by stopping Wilfredo Vazquez Jr in exciting fashion. Arce stole the show with his passionate performance. If only Mosley and Pavlik would have displayed the same, this event would have been stellar.

In true Mexican warrior fashion, Arce brought it hard all night until bulling over young Vazquez late in the 12th round. Arce may not be pretty, and he was thought to be little threat in this fight, but he proved what relentless pressure and hunger can do for a fighter fighting to win at all costs.

Arce brawled his way to victory, both fought hard, fought well, and the crowd that payed top $, enjoyed it, what more can you ask for?

Arce gets an A+ and the best fighter this let down show award.

May 6 2011

Prediction Time: Pacquiao-Mosely

I think the first half of tomorrows fight should be pretty interesting. Styles make fights is the motto, Manny and Shane’s style mesh nicely. I think Shane will keep it close for several rounds, timing Manny jumping in, using his jab, grabbing manny in close.

I think the secound half of the fight will be the difference maker though. Manny’s speed and unique punching angless will frustrate Shane slowing him down for Manny to land his lighting fast and heavy hands. Shane could get busted up late. If he fights rigid like he did against Floyd, this could get ugly.

It’s hard to prepare for Mann’y speed. He’s fast but just so fucking viscous too, he keeps you off balance with his unique fighting style, footwork, and punching angles. Manny is no Floyd, IF he begins to land on Shane, the follow up shots willbe the difference.

Shane can no doubt fight, BUT can he fight the pace OR slow the pace down enough for him to stay on top of Manny? Will he show his age against Pacquiao? For the first couple rounds or so yes, and it should be awesome to watch. If Shane can go to the body early that could change things, remember, Margarito hurt Manny to the body. Shane looks in great shape, doesn’t looked dried out, looks fresh, and after watching his ESPN 2 interview last night, he looks like he does have that dangerous edge going into this fight. IF, Shane is on, he has several weapons to expose manny, his jab his good, body attack, hand speed, and timing. Shane MUST be on though, anything less isn’t going to get it done. A Mosley thatis 100% makes it hard to pick against.

But Manny the enigma he is, will wreak havoc and hell and once he’s wound up, he’s not stopping till the ref steps in to hault the fight or the final bell rings.
Will Manny be the first fighter to stop Shane? I think so, but with Shane going out on his shield, not quiting like a punk while banging till the end.

Pacquiao by 10 round TKO, in a exciting fight.

Disagree? Please tell me why and who you’re picking.