Apr 15 2011

Extreme Boxing Conditioning Circuit.

I did this circuit to finish my workout at Westside Barbell this morning. Intense is an understatment!

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Apr 13 2011

Boxing Training Workout: Punch Mitt Drill.

Clip of Brian staying sharp, working on conditioning & technique.

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Apr 11 2011

Weekend Wrap Up:Lessons Learned.

Highly touted James Kirkland got KTFO in the first round this past Saturday night in a stunning upset. The fight though appeared lost in camp for Kirkland. Word is he and trainer Kenny Adams had a falling out and had no comunication a week or more before the fight. Kirkland also was training in a sauna suit to make the 160lb limit, so there was no real prep for this fight, just a fat camp of cutting weight. The result was a depleted Kirkland who had shit and git the shit knocked out of him by Nobuhiro Ishida.

You can’t train half ass for a fight after a 2 year lay off against a former WBA junior middleweight world champion and expect to fight like normal. That gamble back fired, props to Ishida for letting his hands go and finishing James off.

Kirklands team is a mess, and his managment is as much to blame for this loss as is Kirland’s lack of focus in camp. The lesson is, on the world class level and stage, gambling often backfires as it did for James.

Mexican Legend Stealing The Show.

Many in boxing thought Erik Morales was going to get embarrased by Marcos Maidana, Erik displayed his true Mexican grit, determination, experience, and skill in his majority loss to Marcos. many thought it was a draw and I think that is fair.

For as faded as Erik appeared in recent fights, he looked pretty fucking good against Maidana and big props for Erik fighting with one eye from the first round on as his eye was swollen shut.

The lesson in this fight was aggression can only take you so far with limited skill and experience. Erik’s experience was the factor in this fight along with his toughness and skill to hurt Marcos and score on him. Marcos’s lack of technique allowed Erik to stay in the fight and almost steal it. You need it all at the top to even keep a faded hall of famer of you and Marcos lacks that right now. He appears to have enough to knock on the door, just knock it down in the Jr. Welterweight division.

Apr 4 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: And Still…

Giovanni Segura proved once again that raw, aggresive pressure, with power can overcome pure boxing skilll with his 3rd round KO of Ivan Calderon last Saturday night.

Segura appeared to have beaten the fight out of Ivan in their first fight as Ivan looked badly faded in this fight. Segura is one of boxings best pressure fighters and that pressure was just too much for the usually smooth Calderon.

The body shot that Segura landed was viscous and on point. Styles indeed make fights and Segura demonstrated that not fucking around and getting right at it is the best way to handle a boxer who needs space to box.

This was another great example on why fighters need to go to the body more instead of head hunting. Segura deserves some big paydays with these brilliant back to back performances! Who out there can beat him? Please tell me. Grade: A++